Euphoria/CaliTime: Cotton Throw Pillow/Cushion Covers with an Embroidered Dahlia Flower in Burgundy Review


I have always loved inexpensive items that can update my decor. Throw pillows are one of those items that can easily change how a room looks from seasonal, to even changing how a room feels by the colors you choose. White tends to make any color pop and when you combine something like a burgundy colored detail, you can really even make the most boring couch seem new again. I love that nowadays throw pillow covers are coming back because they are easier to store. Why keep trying to shove pillows with permanent covers into trunks or even closets, when you can just change the outside and reuse the same pillow? It saves you money because the cover comes unfilled, space and you can even take that savings and buy more decorative or elaborate cushion covers. CaliTime has an enormous array of designs, colors, fabric, and they really make anything to fit anyone’s decor, style, to even mood! Yes, they have pillow covers with phrases, animals, prints, to the embroidered style I picked. The nice part is they have their own site but they also sell via Amazon, so if you are a Prime member, shipping is also free.

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The Dahlia flower pattern, which is embroidered onto a cotton cloth comes in several colors. You have stitching in gold, grey, teal, navy blue and burgundy. The fabric is thick and not like many white fabrics that tend to be see through. You have a tight weave here and the nicer part, it’s not stiff. The cotton used is actually soft to the tough even though it will be durable because of the quality. Now, the stitching is more than I expected. Pictures can only say so much and in person, the stitching on these covers is phenomenal. At the store, so many pillows get damaged by mishandling and there is never a time that I have not had to fix loose to missing threads on covers of this kind. These arrived pristine! The burgundy thread is a deep wine color that is perfect for anytime from the Autumn colors that are nearing with Fall approaching to everyday use if you have tones that match, or you want a statement piece. This cover works either way! I was very happy and a 2-pack is just $19.95 via Amazon. yes, just a little under $10 a cover. You can’t find that and these are for pillows that measure 18 x 18 inches, so no small size here. The covers are also machine washable in the gentle cycle, again making it a practical purchase. Take a moment and I am sure you will find the perfect covers for your pillow because the selection is amazing!

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WaySoft’s Single-Sided Australian Lambswool Pillow Cover

You’d be surprised how much a single throw pillow can really set off a piece of furniture, and sometimes it’s not just the bright and garish ones you notice. Sometimes, it’s the subtle and classic ones, like WaySoft’s Australian Lambswool Pillow cover makes that turns people’s heads. It also helps that it’s soft and plush as all get out!


Some people think of lambswool as scratchy and coarse, but if it’s quality and prepared well, it’s just about the softest thing I’ve had a pillow made from! This 16″ x 16″ pillow cover is just begging to be overstuffed and thrown onto your favorite arm chair, recliner, or

sofa and be used to “count the sheep to sleep”! The zippered back (with protective fold over it to keep from scratching delicate surfaces) makes stuffing and unstuffing a breeze, and since it’s with an advanced antimicrobial agent, I doubt you’ll ever notice that it’s even machine washable. It feels just as good as it looks, and it looks downright lovely. And the fact that it’s genuine lambswool and only $39.99? That’s about as good as it gets on these cold winter nights! In fact, it’s often a race to the couch to see who get’s everyone’s new favorite pillow first! The back is a cotton canvas and the stitching throughout is top notch. I might have to pick up a few extra so there’s no more hurt feelings on the other side of the sofa.


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from WaySoft.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


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