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One can never have too much information about your own health. One can sometimes share too much about it, but the knowledge is invaluable and important to all. So when I get a chance to try out tools that tell me more about my IMAG2394overall health, I’m thrilled. Enter Gurin, and their GO-410 Pulse Oximeter, stage right. Not just an oximeter (which measures the oxygen saturation of your blood), but it also tells you your pulse as well. The color OLED display is easy to read, bright, and large enough to be easily seen. IMAG2395It even adjusts the display to whatever angle you need, depending on how it faces you.  The oximeter is lightweight, conveniently portable, and even comes with 2 AAA batteries (Always a favorite feature I will always, always praise. Nothing’s better than including batteries. Take note, every company that doesn’t!).
This momentary-use device (it’s not for continuous use) uses infrared light to measure from one finger. It has a soft IMAG2396rubber interior for a very comfortable fit for any size finger. It has a lanyard for easy retrieval, and even a velcro-sealed pouch for safe travels. It has an auto-renew feature for battery life extension, and even remembers the last reading to keep track of your health. It has a high/low alarms well! Perfect for families or households that have someone with respiratory issues or for when someone comes down with a URI. Like I said, the more information you have about your health, the better.

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This seems like a quality device, and for $38.95 or less from Amazon or other retailers, you could do much worse. Plus, it’s backed by Gurin’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. A quality good I’m happy to know is as close as my medicine cabinet.

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