Ocotillo Southwest’s Way Out West Premium Scented Candles

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I love the smells the house gets in fall and winter. We have a number of scented candles and wax melts from a variety of companies for all seasons, but the warmth and spice of fall and winter scents are hands-down my favorites. Sadly, there are a few candles that smell amazing in the store and then you get them home and light them up and there’s a distinct lack of scent. Except for the immediate vicinity around said candle. Or you end up with so much scent you have a headache and never light it again. Ocotillo Southwest’s Way Out West candle sets have struck a happy medium between the two, and smell jaw-droppingly amazing to boot.

We played a hunch when offered and went for the “Native Pinon Pine” Scent, and we weren’t disappointed. I didn’t want something that smells like a bathroom air freshener, or those little pine tree rear-view mirror decorations for cars, but a warm, spicy pine-ey scent that would help Hubby forget we have an artificial tree, and make the house smell like fresh cut pine. And Ocotillo Southwest hit that sweet spot of all those great scent notes without being overbearing or overpowering. The candle burns clean, with no popping or crackling, and the wicks don’t spark. The scent fills the room, and beyond, and lingers for a couple of days after only a few hours of burn. Did I mention the scent is heavenly? Because it truly is, and might well be our favorite for the season.

The packaging is delightful, and suitable for gifting without wrapping, it’s just so cute. The presentation is perfect, and the included metal wick dipper is a total “Well, duh!” moment for me, who has spent the better part of the last two decades blowing out the candles and ruining the scents. I love the wick dipper, and the little copper-ish accent charms on each top-quality mason jar (that you can clean and re-use!) candle. The copper tinted lids screw on securely and make storage a breeze. You get two candles per $29.99 package and Ocotillo Southwest estimates each candle is good for 40-45 hours each. I would love to give the other scents from the Way Out West Collection, because these Native Pinon Pine candles are a huge hit in this house.


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