Comfy Clothiers: 18 inch Long, Heavy-Duty Metal Shoe Horn made from Stainless Steel



When it comes to preserving the items I buy, I take extra steps and will do everything from purchasing a kit to treat leather goods, to special cleaners for certain fabrics and materials. Finding a good shoe takes time. Yes, I see a lot of cute pairs but if they are going to make me go, “ouch”, that means they mostly likely will stay looking cute in my closet. I decided to invest in a shoe horn several years ago because I’m a girl with long nails, and sticking my finger in to insure I did not crush a heel when inserting my foot, well it would sometimes pinch or crush my nail a bit. My priority was my shoes but I also did not want to ruin a manicure because of it.  This also meant I would use my nail again upon removal because I dislike the idea of stepping on one heel to remove the other! It just leaves you with one really marked up and damaged heel in the end, and shortens the life of your shoes.

Then came to hunting for a simple metal shoe horn. I thought it would be quick and easy. I then realized many name brand shoe stores no longer existed. People buy their shoes from stores that carry multiple brand names, will buy shoes that cost less just to wear a current trend, or even purchase from outlets that clearance out shoes from past seasons, to buying just directly on-line. I am guilty of all. The problem then comes that when you need accessories or kits that help you preserve suede, leather to even cleaners, that also becomes as generic as the place that carries a whole lot of brands. They usually carry one item if any and not always a good product. I went everywhere from places like Macy’s, DSW, to Target to find a good quality metal shoe horn. There came a point that I did not care of length, just as long as the metal was of strong and would last. Found many plastic ones and bendy metal ones! I just could not locate a good metal one until I entered Nordstroms, and the ladies department had none, but the men’s department next to the suits did. It cost me more than I wanted to spend, but then again I kept telling myself, “you are saving your expensive heels, so it’s worth it”. The metal is strong in the shoe horn I purchased and has a clear coating to insure smoothness that is welcoming when using it. All my heels have lasted well (some even over a decade) and none have experienced the wrath of warped heels from me stepping on them when it comes to putting my shoes on. Poor shoes of the past!  Just one smooch each time you insert your foot cause damage to leather and really makes a shoe not last as long as it could.


Retail Price Point: On Amazon for $17.95, but is currently on sale for $14.95 and you get free one day shipping if you are a Prime member.



When I was offered the campaign for the Comfy Clothiers long metal shoe horn, I jumped on it. It is longer than the one I have and it advertises the product as being made of a strong and “heavy-duty” steel. I figured it never hurts to have an extra one either. When the shoe horn arrived, I noticed it is 18 inches in length and slimmer in diameter. I wear 6.5 in most brands like with Poetic License, Franco Sarto, ect. branded shoes.  I’m a 6 with Born heels, and with Ugg heels (never have owned the boots), I’m a 7 due to the padding inside that adds extra cushioning. My feet are not wide, so my former shoe horn was a little (wider) bigger than it needed to be but realize I got desperate towards the end. I could only locate plastic ones at stores and on-line it is hard to decipher if the metal is truly strong and stiff enough to withstand years of use. I can say the Comfy Clothiers shoe horn is made of a strong steel that does not bend or deform when using.  I also like the lack of needing to bend over to use this shoe horn from Comfy Clothiers, because the length allows no need for it. This is great for days I’m just aching to days I don’t want to bend over and accidentally get lipstick on my shirt’s collar. Yes, that has happened to me to even getting lip gloss on my hair when I bent and it came forward, which then transferred it to whatever shirt I was wearing. Girls with long hair problems! I have none of those worries now and the metal is stiff enough to last years of use and smooth, so you don’t damage your shoes or hurt your feet. I also saved gas ordering directly from Amazon! So glad I have this shoe horn from Comfy Clothiers because you have no idea how hard it is to locate a a good metal one if you try to purchase from a brick-and-mortar store!

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If only Sole Socity could bottle up their Customer Service and sell it in a shape of a Shoe

I am very fortunate in being able to have 95% positive experiences with companies, brands and most of their products. Very rare is the time where I receive a product that exhibits manufacture defects or was delivered to me is less than prime condition (aka:New). These companies want to flaunt with pride that their product is the best and this is why they send it to me so I can then echo the same, if I AGREE.

Well, I have my first real ugly Disagree! I love Influenster ( because they introduce me to great items that I would have not tried in the past just because I was unaware of their existence or had zero connections with them in the past, so I had no idea if they were good or bad. Being stuck in that unknown middle is not a nice place so I like when companies shake me and make me sway towards a Yay or a Nay!

I give Sole Society a Nay! It’s that clear, that black and white. I ordered a pair of Black leather heels using their code for $25 off, with tax making the total $38.01. I checked every source out there from on-line to brick and mortars and no genuine leather pair of pumps (that was pretty) was available for that price point. In my research, I noticed Sole Society is featured on Nordstorm’s site so that seemed like a good sign. I associate good quality and excellent service with that company. I did some googling and I find that Sole Society is pretty much a “spin off” from Hautelook, which again is another Nordstorm connection. I place my order for the heels they have named Cameron.


Well, Cameron was ordered on Sunday (1/06 after 10:00 PM) after I think I even tired myself debating it. I get a shipment notice with a tracking number, plus a delivery date of Tuesday, January 8th. Wha…? Now, that is QUICK service. UPS driver and his wonderful brown truck pulls up and I was online so my husband gets the package. He kindly opens it up and I hear from the kitchen, “Dang, this shoe box has seen better days”. My response, “seriously, how bad….I don’t keep shoe boxes so let me know how the heels are”. I hear some paper and then silence. Now, a few seconds passing when it comes to something like this seems like minutes so I just know he took TOO LONG to say something. I start speaking and I hear, “Babe, these shoes are used….but like REALLY USED”. I stop what I am doing and we meet half way. I will make it short and clear, these should have never been accepted as a return in that kind of shape and then resold. The girl that walked in these heels should stick to sneakers because not only are they scuffed on the sides and front, but on the back of one of the heels. Each heel has a sticker with what seems to be the model number (just a theory). Cameron is model number 7B/37 and on the right shoe, the sticker has been “walked off”. You have that sticky smear where the sticker came off and everything on the floor/ground stuck to it. It gets worse, one of the heels has the foot (rubber bottom) glued on crooked. Um, I know whoever abused these shoes and then had no shame to return did not do that, that is a manufacturer defect! The shoes have glue spillage where the upper joins the sole and there is an unknown stickiness to them in spots. I just convinced myself it was soda (don’t make me think about it). Nonetheless, the deep wrinkles in the leather from walking, the asphalt pits on the bottom of the heel, and all the damage pictured…..these shoes were accepted as a return and then RESOLD as brand-new to a new customer. I was buying shoes, not renting them! Not only is this not sanitary by any means but truly disgusting when I see two other post on Sole Society’s Facebook page with other clients getting the same and even worse than I did.

I am a “fix it” kind of person and it’s not my business where the shoe fell with Sole Society when it comes to returns. If it’s the return’s department obligation to check this……well, you know when employees are slackers! Thank goodness I did not purchase one of their “Final Sale” pairs because that is how their BOGO sale worked. The site states, Free Shipping and Free Returns” with no asterisk (*) but be advised that if you return a pair and want a REFUND to your credit card, well there is a re-stocking fee of $7.95. Now, you can always waive getting back the real money you used and opt for a Sole Society credit, and only then do you not get charged a restocking fee. I was not paying a restocking fee after I received used and dirty product, nor was I playing the back-in-forth game after seeing the manufacturer defects alone poor Cameron had.

I use their contact form and press enter to submit for it just to clear my text and not send anything. Don’t you love that? I remembered to highlight and hit “copy” before hitting the doom button, thankfully. I sent a direct e-mail and the following day, I received a response. The e-mail apologized for the “mutilated” shoes, (representative’s words…not mine). Great service and quickly tells me there would be no re-stocking fee. I get a UPS label e-mailed and on Friday, January 11th, my Husband makes the trek to drop off the box (I appreciate it). I get a notice from UPS that the shoes will be delivered on Monday, January 14th and then another notice when the shoes arrived at their facility. On Wednesday, January 16th, my credit card reflects a credit in full!

If Sole Society could bottle up their Customer Service and sell it in a shape of a shoe….I would support them 150%! As we stand at the moment, whoever is accepting and selling USED shoes has got to (with a cherry on top) GO! I don’t believe there is any malice from the company to do this because it is not smart business but it’s purely disgusting to have a person or people that would allow such things to happen when you then have Customer Service shining like this. A waste indeed! I wanted to like Sole Society and Cameron, but it seems we were not meant to be.


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