ReCAP Mason Jars Adapta Cap Pump Review



I have had the pleasure recently of trying the ReCAP Mason Jar Adapta Cap Pump, which turns any standard-mouth mason jar into a soap dispenser. On it’s surface, it seems like a simple enough concept, yet finding one, and one designed well, is a tougher prospect than one would assume. Thankfully, this opportunity came up with Tomoson, and I’m glad a got in on it.

Before, we went through several fancy glass and ceramic ones. They always had brass- or silver-tone hardware that inevitably developed rust. The had metal tops that also rusted, came loose, or leaked. And finding a replacement top was usually a fool’s errand. Many’s a lament where I wish I had something this simple. Sure, there’s the cheap plastic disposable dispensers. But them emphasis there should be on disposable. I was not interested in throwing the thing away every few months, and as much as we wash our hands here, it was always needing to be refilled. Few things are worse than having schmutzy hands and an empty soap dispenser that you bang on the counter trying to get that last bit at the bottom because some hubby who shall remain nameless left it empty.


So this topper, as I stated, fits most mason jars. Which means we get to go weeks between soap fill-ups, not a couple days. It looks nice on the counter, it doesn’t rust. it doesn’t leak or dribble. It has a smooth pump action that works with no binding, no effort, and if it gets cruddy, run it under some hot water and it’s as good as new! I think I’m in love. Mason Jars Company makes all manner of clever caps and adapters for mason jars. I highly recommend you check them out and see how many solutions their products will provide for you. What will you ReCAP? The possibilities are endless!

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