Recon Gear’s Black Tactical Gloves

There are all kinds of gloves for specific tasks, and some that can be multi-taskers. Hubby has been curious about shooting gloves and what advantages they might provide, so I got a chance to test a pair of tactical gloves out, courtesy of Recon Gear. I don’t think he wants to take these shooting, though.


Good tactical gloves are grippy, tough, made from premium materials and provide enough tactile feedback to not make your hands essentially clumsy. These are not good tactical gloves, from his perspective. After trying them on all four our our pistols, he declared that he could not get a decent grip on any of them to positively control recoil and quickly reaquire a target. And that’s even with his rubber gripped Sig Sauer and his highly grippy HK USP. They’re not leather, they’re some kind of synthetic man-made material. There’s no padding in the palms, but there is some kind of material with shiny print that I’d assume is meant to increase grip, but the placement tells me it’s more for bike riding than shooting. but there is a hard plastic cap for the knuckles, but despite the “carbon fiber”-like print to it, I wouldn’t really put these to the test. They fit securely and snugly, almost a shade small for Hubby with the Large size, but XL would have been too big. There’s some weird kind of bumps at the fingers, that I’d assume is meant to ape the style of Oakley’s tactical gloves. The back is a neoprene kind of fabric, interspersed with a looser woven fabric that breathes well. The wrist-wrap style velcro closures close and hold securely.


All in all, I’d say these are fine for a costume, or maybe BMX riding, possibly even paint ball or airsoft, where you want to look “tacti-cool”, but these are far from the real deal, like you’d get from, say, 5.11, Oakley, Rothco or even Mechanix. The price is a touch high for what Hubby felt was a “tactical” glove that was, and I’m quoting here, “All sizzle and no steak…”. So, depending on your intended use, you may find these gloves useful, or more trouble than they’re worth.


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