Microfiber MultiPurpose Cleaning Cloth Review #MicrofiberTowels5pack


Everyone needs to clean things. Some of us clean more than others, and some of us are so nit-picky about our cleaning that it takes a lot longer than it (probably) should. I fall into that last category. Lint, streaks, smudges, schmutz…they drive me bonkers. I was offered a 5-pack of microfiber cleaning towels from Federico’s Care Care to try out and review. So you better believe I was ALL over that.

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Microfiber towels are a godsend. Back when I was younger, it was Windex and paper towels. I could go through a roll of paper towels just cleaning one room. And despite my somewhat (some have said **cough** hubby **cough**) unhealthy attention to detail, there was always lint. Streaks. Smudges. I ran myself ragged trying to eliminate them all. The whole time, all I needed was some microfiber. These towels from Federico’s Car Care are 100% lint free, machine washable, reusable cotton. Streaks are a thing of the past in my mirrors. My TV screen is sharp and clean. My high-gloss electronics now laugh at smudges and fingerprints. These 16″ x 12″ towels are also perfect for car detailing, furniture polishing, and keeping your touch-screen devices as sparkly as the day you opened them.


The only negative I can see is that at $9.99 for a five-pack, it’s a little steep. Amazon is chock-a-block full of micofiber cleaning cloth packs at much less. I did get these for free to review, but I would have to imagine that if asked to pay for them, I might have looked elsewhere due to the cost. They are quality towels, and they don’t bleed in the wash, come clean after, and keep things clean and lint free, so in the end you have to decide if they’re worth the extra cost. To that end Federico’s Car Care offers a 30-day, Money-back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so it’s a low risk proposition to give them a shot for yourself.


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ReCAP Mason Jars Adapta Cap Pump Review



I have had the pleasure recently of trying the ReCAP Mason Jar Adapta Cap Pump, which turns any standard-mouth mason jar into a soap dispenser. On it’s surface, it seems like a simple enough concept, yet finding one, and one designed well, is a tougher prospect than one would assume. Thankfully, this opportunity came up with Tomoson, and I’m glad a got in on it.

Before, we went through several fancy glass and ceramic ones. They always had brass- or silver-tone hardware that inevitably developed rust. The had metal tops that also rusted, came loose, or leaked. And finding a replacement top was usually a fool’s errand. Many’s a lament where I wish I had something this simple. Sure, there’s the cheap plastic disposable dispensers. But them emphasis there should be on disposable. I was not interested in throwing the thing away every few months, and as much as we wash our hands here, it was always needing to be refilled. Few things are worse than having schmutzy hands and an empty soap dispenser that you bang on the counter trying to get that last bit at the bottom because some hubby who shall remain nameless left it empty.


So this topper, as I stated, fits most mason jars. Which means we get to go weeks between soap fill-ups, not a couple days. It looks nice on the counter, it doesn’t rust. it doesn’t leak or dribble. It has a smooth pump action that works with no binding, no effort, and if it gets cruddy, run it under some hot water and it’s as good as new! I think I’m in love. Mason Jars Company makes all manner of clever caps and adapters for mason jars. I highly recommend you check them out and see how many solutions their products will provide for you. What will you ReCAP? The possibilities are endless!

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Kiss Nail Dress Ever ez Lashes

I received from Influenster and Kiss not one but two boxes of the Ever ez Lashes. What caught my attention first, was that the product states it’s reusable and in addition, you get two pairs in each box. Described as having a natural look and light weight so I’m interested already in trying these.  I can say when I looked at the lashes, I do like the color the lashes are, as they match mine. Style #56735, KPD04 is my favorite because it has the same look as my natural lashes. I thankfully have been blessed with long eye lashes that at age 36 are still nice and full. I thank olive oil for keeping them looking healthy but there are those nights that I wish I could add a little pop without piling layers and layers of mascara. I like the option of faux lashes because you can reverse the look in an instant without damaging your lashes like a some mascaras can by dehydrating them.  Waterproof mascara tends to not come off as easy so that means I also have to use more remover and my eyes nor my lashes are ever too thrilled about that process.


Kiss makes the process easy and fool proof with the easiest instructions right on the back of the package. I applied the lashes and got it right the first time and that evening, I just went with a simple “cat-eye” look created with a liquid liner and my eyes looked different but not over the top. Some lashes make it look like you are using your eyes to dust so the “swiffer” look is not one I was aiming for.  The applicator has a nice swoop so I was able to use the rounded tip with ease.  You apply the adhesive and wait just 30 seconds and then using the applicator, you apply the lashes along your own natural lash line.  I know…..super easy than those lashes you apply one at a time.  I always would get a rebel one that poked up or down with those, but with Kiss ez Lashes, you can trim before to the desired length so matching is a cinch!

The second pair I gifted to my friend because sharing is caring 🙂


Tip: I would definitely purchase the same style from Kiss and they are reusable.  I got 3 uses out of my first pair and found that the secret is in the removing process.  As long as you do not stress the product when removing them, like by pulling hard, the lashes tend to last and remain in a reusable state very easily.  I just then use Ivory soap to wash off any liner that I used to blend the lashes with mine.  I had to throw my first pair out of the two that come in the box because I was a little careless the last time I used them and deformed the lashes.  Keep the box for easy storage!!

I received the above product free of charge from Influenster.  I am not obligated in providing a favorable/positive review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the products, which may differ from yours.



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