ZOMG! Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Rocks!

So I recently got a box delivered, fairly large in size. In it was a bounty of flavored popcorn from Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company. They recently had a Facebook promo to increase their brand awareness, so after a couple of pleasant e-mails, I received a healthy sampling of flavors from them in return for my review on my blog. So, get ready to be wowed like I was at the awesomeness of the Rocky Mountain Popcorn! Real. Honest. Popcorn.

First up is a perennial favorite, Kettle Corn!!

Let me just say I’m a huge fan of kettle corn, as is my husband. We have tried many brands and versions in an effort to capture that County Fair-fresh flavor. None so far have come close, until now. It has that lightly-sweet and touch-of-salty flavor we crave every summer, and best of all, it’s calorie and fat count make this a guilt-free snack we can now enjoy at any time. This little two ounce bag of heaven is far and away my favorite. It’s make with simple ingredients, is nut and gluten free, and has 13g of whole grains per serving. What’s not to like? Best of the bunch, and that’s really saying something!

Next up: Butter

They say everything’s better with butter, and this popcorn is no exception. And while some companies are content to include what seems like a salt lick’s worth of sodium and an oil slick’s worth of butter-flavored oil onto what seems like styrofoam kernels, Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company’s take on the industry standard is anything but. Like the rest of the company’s entries into this review, it features simple, wholesome ingredients, is gluten and nut free, and 13g or more of whole grains per serving. It’s all natural, leaves no greasy mouth feel, and won’t have you running for the water bottle after every serving. In fact, it just may replace my fresh-popped version on movie nights, because, really, who wants to wait? Just grab and go, or like the package says, grip ‘n’ pour.

Last up this time around: Southwestern Cheddar!

Wow. Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company hits another home run! How many times have we all tried a new snack, some wonderful flavor combination advertised on the package, tear into it only to be met with disappointment? Too many. But not this time. Not with this snack. In fact, it’s better than I thought it would be. A little spice, a little heat, a little cheese. Just, wow. And while the only downside I could find (and I really had to look hard for one!) is that this little devil’s got the calorie and fat count to make it a small-handful-at-a-time yummer. But that’s okay, because that just means it’ll last a little longer. And with all this flavor, a little bit goes a long way. As always, it’s all natural, gluten free, nut free, but flavor full.

That’s all for now, but there’s more reviews and more flavors on the way. Stay tuned for more Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company greatness.

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