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I have always been drawn to vintage and antique style watches.  From the parts of a watch to the mechanical workings, I think watches and clocks have beauty that is not only on the outside but even more gorgeous on the inside.

CSMARTE, is a company that features many styles of watches that can easily satisfy anyone’s taste.  Many of the styles are jewelry like in nature, so you get not only a piece that tells time but also one that serves as a beautiful necklace.  Their selection goes from pocket watches to wrist watches, so you can find a tick-tock device that fits your needs.
I was sent a pocket watch style unit that comes with a chain style necklace.  The watch has a black colored metal finish that is smoky and glossy at the same time.  The face of the watch is white, which is a nice contrast against the darker tones.  You have two ornate style clock hands, both for the hour and minute settings.  They resemble a scroll design and like with any pocket watch, you use the lever on the top that sets the time.  A classic and whimsical style and all comes together in a gift box, just in case this serves as a present for that special someone.
Retail Price Point: Depending on the chain you choose, the watch is priced between $12.88 and $12.99, plus qualifies for Amazon Prime free shipping.
Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 2 x 1.2 inches
 The clock has a nice balanced weight to it, so it is not too heavy when worn as a jewelry accessory but also not so light that it will be flinging around at your every move.  The (Japanese) quartz movement keeps accurate time and I did notice the nice touch of plastic peels added to the clock’s case, so you receive a blemish free article when the watch arrives.  No scratches or fingerprints!  The only con I could find is when opening the watch, it can be a little difficult if you have nails and do not want to damage the watch or your manicure, but I prefer that over the top popping open on it’s own.  The clock’s case also does not open all the way, as the hinge seems to be a little tight and I get 3/4 of the clock open when I need to check the time.  It’s a value nonetheless if you look at the price and quality of the product, that makes it a fair purchase.  I will be using mine in a pocket watch craft project I will be doing this Summer, so for me this is a perfect price for a working unit and what I have in mind.
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