Ohuhu Lawn Aerator Shoes

Ug, Ohuhu got me again. I like HisGadget, their parent company (Or maybe it’s the other way around, I don’t know), but anything with the Ohuhu name is made cheap and not made to last. This last item is no exception, only this one was much worse than usual. These “shoes” are awkward, made poorly, and there was very little thought given to design or to function.


In theory, aerating your lawn is day one stuff with lawn care. You need to break up the soil for the lawn to be healthy, and as I said, in theory, should be a simple task. Ohuhu disagrees with me and threw the components for these “shoes” loose into a box and said “Figure it out”. I mean, there were spikes, nuts, and straps everywhere in the box. Just reaching your hand in was a puncture hazard. There were no instruction on how to lace the straps, and the nuts meant to hols the spikes in place either didn’t fit well or the hole was too big and they went right through. Emailing Ohuhu for some clarification went in the Ohuhu hole and as usual, I received no response from them, once again illustrating that Ohuhu only cares about making the sale, and you’re 100% on your own after.

Yes, this whole mess was loose in the box!

Yes, this whole mess was loose in the box!

I did manage to mickey-mouse one shoe on, and it stuck down deep into the earth and stayed there when I tried to walk off. It didn’t help that the angles drilled for the spikes varied which meant a couple popped off immediately and I had to unstrap the “shoe” and pull it out of the ground. Walking in it was impossible, and I can only imagine if I had both on, I’d have been anchored in place or turn an ankle badly. As I said, the idea of these is great and very useful. The execution was absolutely awful and I wouldn’t waste your money on these.


  • I got mine from Amazon, you can see them here.

I received the above product(s) free of charge from Ohuhu. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


As an aside, it might seem that I’m choosing Ohuhu products solely to dump on them. That is absolutely not the case. Ohuhu, like many of the companies from China and Taiwan, is one of many DBA’s from a much larger parent company. They offer products under a bevy of names, and it’s not until I’m approved to review it that I find out it’s actually Ohuhu. Rest assured, I would be 100% thrilled to never deal with another poorly made Ohuhu product again, but so long as they’re going to obfuscate who they are, I’ll probably end up with a few more before all is said and done.


Comfy Clothiers: 18 inch Long, Heavy-Duty Metal Shoe Horn made from Stainless Steel



When it comes to preserving the items I buy, I take extra steps and will do everything from purchasing a kit to treat leather goods, to special cleaners for certain fabrics and materials. Finding a good shoe takes time. Yes, I see a lot of cute pairs but if they are going to make me go, “ouch”, that means they mostly likely will stay looking cute in my closet. I decided to invest in a shoe horn several years ago because I’m a girl with long nails, and sticking my finger in to insure I did not crush a heel when inserting my foot, well it would sometimes pinch or crush my nail a bit. My priority was my shoes but I also did not want to ruin a manicure because of it.  This also meant I would use my nail again upon removal because I dislike the idea of stepping on one heel to remove the other! It just leaves you with one really marked up and damaged heel in the end, and shortens the life of your shoes.

Then came to hunting for a simple metal shoe horn. I thought it would be quick and easy. I then realized many name brand shoe stores no longer existed. People buy their shoes from stores that carry multiple brand names, will buy shoes that cost less just to wear a current trend, or even purchase from outlets that clearance out shoes from past seasons, to buying just directly on-line. I am guilty of all. The problem then comes that when you need accessories or kits that help you preserve suede, leather to even cleaners, that also becomes as generic as the place that carries a whole lot of brands. They usually carry one item if any and not always a good product. I went everywhere from places like Macy’s, DSW, to Target to find a good quality metal shoe horn. There came a point that I did not care of length, just as long as the metal was of strong and would last. Found many plastic ones and bendy metal ones! I just could not locate a good metal one until I entered Nordstroms, and the ladies department had none, but the men’s department next to the suits did. It cost me more than I wanted to spend, but then again I kept telling myself, “you are saving your expensive heels, so it’s worth it”. The metal is strong in the shoe horn I purchased and has a clear coating to insure smoothness that is welcoming when using it. All my heels have lasted well (some even over a decade) and none have experienced the wrath of warped heels from me stepping on them when it comes to putting my shoes on. Poor shoes of the past!  Just one smooch each time you insert your foot cause damage to leather and really makes a shoe not last as long as it could.


Retail Price Point: On Amazon for $17.95, but is currently on sale for $14.95 and you get free one day shipping if you are a Prime member.



When I was offered the campaign for the Comfy Clothiers long metal shoe horn, I jumped on it. It is longer than the one I have and it advertises the product as being made of a strong and “heavy-duty” steel. I figured it never hurts to have an extra one either. When the shoe horn arrived, I noticed it is 18 inches in length and slimmer in diameter. I wear 6.5 in most brands like with Poetic License, Franco Sarto, ect. branded shoes.  I’m a 6 with Born heels, and with Ugg heels (never have owned the boots), I’m a 7 due to the padding inside that adds extra cushioning. My feet are not wide, so my former shoe horn was a little (wider) bigger than it needed to be but realize I got desperate towards the end. I could only locate plastic ones at stores and on-line it is hard to decipher if the metal is truly strong and stiff enough to withstand years of use. I can say the Comfy Clothiers shoe horn is made of a strong steel that does not bend or deform when using.  I also like the lack of needing to bend over to use this shoe horn from Comfy Clothiers, because the length allows no need for it. This is great for days I’m just aching to days I don’t want to bend over and accidentally get lipstick on my shirt’s collar. Yes, that has happened to me to even getting lip gloss on my hair when I bent and it came forward, which then transferred it to whatever shirt I was wearing. Girls with long hair problems! I have none of those worries now and the metal is stiff enough to last years of use and smooth, so you don’t damage your shoes or hurt your feet. I also saved gas ordering directly from Amazon! So glad I have this shoe horn from Comfy Clothiers because you have no idea how hard it is to locate a a good metal one if you try to purchase from a brick-and-mortar store!

Connect with Comfy Clothiers at:


I received the above product(s) free of charge from Comfy Clothiers. I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

Tryazon: Beddit Sleep Monitor and Dearfoams Slipper Party #Review Part. Two


Continuing with the festivities, part of the party pack included a very generous share from Dearfoams. This is why I made this a two parts post! I have seen the slippers before but never owned a pair. Comfort was the theme as was better health, because if you sleep better – you feel better……why not lounge better too.


Like with flip-flops, I started to purchase slippers that are always too big for my foot and I tend to slip and slide in them. I get sort of tired of walking and because they lack support, I also hurt if I stand too long in one place. You know when you try a shoe on and the same floor you walk on feels different? These slippers do that! It’s the same tile and carpet but I did not feel the cold from the tile and my feet did not hurt, which tends to make any task you are doing so much easier. I tried the slippers out a week before my guests and I’m not kidding, I did not miss my slipper socks. I have a short foot where every sock’s heel is always that nub sticking out at the back of my foot. Sock heels are a suggestion when you have short feet! My Dearfoams had the heel portion where it belonged and I sort of now appreciate the thought of actually using heel support. Dearfoams also sent a pair designed for men and I just asked my Husband to step in them. If you don’t like them, it’s not like “icky lotion” and you can just take them off like nothing happened. He entertained me and two days later asked me where are these slippers sold……yup, wants to add more and likes that they do’t look like what he calls “old-man” slippers.


The designs change with Dearfoams with the seasons because they are a slipper company that sells quality products that are comfortable, and that means people who wear them desire different pairs. I get it! I thought slippers did not matter much and they were pretty much the same and especially when I hunt the clearance aisle after holidays. Yes, I find a cheap pair but again it’s not my size, not comfortable and does nothing for me other than cover my feet. I don’t even get warmth from them. The Dearfoams look cute and I will trade all my cheapies now for just one pair of these Dearfoams. No more will a cheap-o pair make it into my cart because I forgot that even slippers need to feel comfortable……that is sort of the point of owning them 🙂


Retail Price Point: Style defines price and I found some as low as $20 to as high as $36.  A slipper for every budget!  The Dearfoams site currently has a Buy-one-pair and get 50% on the second pair (use Code:Mom50). I did listen to my Husband and saw that Kohl’s, Target, to JcPenney to even Amazon carry them. Check out the store nearest you here.  Dearfoams even has flip-flops and I will be checking those out because no more excuses for causing myself “ouchie” feet.

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I served turkey burgers to keep the meal light and because some of our guests were arriving close enough to lunch time, so I did not want to serve a meal that was too heavy. I just combine fresh ground turkey, raw coarsely chopped spinach and a combination of crumbled feta and goat cheese. We grilled them outside to avoid a cooking mess and turkey burgers made with a combination of both the white and dark meat remain really moist. You can even make the patties the night before to avoid the hassle the next day and then they are ready to just grill. I used toppings such as thinly sliced cucumber, mixed baby greens, avocado slices and even sliced small cherry tomatoes to give the sandwich that fresh taste. I opted for a Kaiser roll to again add something new. The roll I slice, butter and lightly toast (on a pan) inside because I have forgotten bread on the grill before 🙂 They were very liked and it’s such and easy meal that it remains easy and away from the everyday foods people eat.

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Connect with Dearfoams and find a favorite pair or pairs at:

I received the above product(s) free of charge from Dearfoams and Beddit (Tryazon).  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

Leather Nova Cleaners and Conditioners Review



I have quite a few leather goods in my home. From furniture, to purses and wallets, jackets and shoes, to even nick-nacks. Caring for leather goods properly isn’t always easy. Every knows someone, or has experienced it themselves…the sticky leather. The greasy leather, the cracked, stiff, dried leather. It can be heart-breaking. Enter Leather Nova and it’s trio of superb products. Never greasy, never sticky, and always on point.

I started with the Leather Nova Spray Cleaner. A pH balanced, no-rinse cleaner made of the highest grade, non-toxic polymers, and free from harsh detergents and chemicals. Made in the USA and even comes with a free microfiber towel to apply. It has a pleasant, leather-ey smell and isn’t harsh on my hands, either. I know this because I have a habit of applying these types of cleaners with my bare hands. It quickly brought up all the little bits of dirt and grime on hubby’s favorite chair, and wiped clean away with a towel. The surface felt smooth, clean and smelled fresh. So far, so good.

Retail Price Point: $17.96 via Amazon

Next up is Leather Nova’s Ultimate Leather Protector Conditioner. Also made in the USA for non-toxic, high grade polymers, and like the cleaner, free from harsh detergents and chemicals. It goes on thick (using the included microfiber applicator and, again, my hand) but spreads easily. It was very shiny and had me quite worried, but a careful reading of the directions says to leave it on for an hour and then buff the excess away. After a hour I buff with a soft cloth. Hubby’s chair didn’t look this snazzy when we brought it home from Krause’s! And the smell is almost showroom new. No little cloth fibers left behind from buffing, just a soft, smooth, supple leather chair that even I can now enjoy sitting in. It even lessened the appearance for the two surface scratches in the seat cushion. Two for two!

Retail Price Point: $19.77 via Amazon

Last up is the Leather Nova Cleaner & Conditioner. Made to the same standards of the stand alone cleaner and conditioner product, it was, sadly, my least favorite of the the three. I followed the directions to a tee, but felt that the two separate products did a far superior job of both cleaning and conditioning the leather. I could see this being used as a “touch up” or follow-up treatment after using the other two products first to deep clean and condition, but as a stand alone product it felt lacking. It worked well on Hubby’s wallet, and an old purse of mine that had seen better days (it may even work it’s way back into the rotation again!). But where it really shined was an old leather jacket I’d given hubby back when we were dating. He’s used and abused it, even one year where it was used to take our little dog out to do her business. In the rain. And then left in the garage to dry. After an all-over treatment from Leather Nova’s Cleaner & Conditioner, it felt better than the day I gave it to him. Many, many, many (like, a lot of) years ago. And now with many more years to come. So while it wasn’t my favorite of the three, it still did an outstanding job on it’s own.

Retail Price Point: $15.97 via Amazon


Leather Nova seems to have a passion for leather (not like that, dirty birds), and takes it’s products serious. It offers a 90 day, no questions asked guarantee, too. Use the product for up to 90 days and if you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all, contact them for a full and prompt refund. Environmentally friendly and manufactured in small batches to ensure quality, I am impressed with the dedication and devotion shown to their products.

Get in touch with Leather Nova via:

I received the above product(s) free of charge from Leather Nova.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


HouseParty: TLC Love, Lust or Run Premiere Party #LoveLustRunParty




The new year means new shows and on January 23rd, we started off with the Premiere Party for TLC’s new show, Love, Lust or Run. The show is hosted by Stacy London and as always, she is helping someone from a fashion disaster, or better described like someone who is a repeat offender and commits a fashion felony on an everyday basis! Stacy London revamps a person in each episode, and this is not just to pick a better cut of jeans, this is a top to bottom re-do. Make-up, hair, shoes, you name it…..Stacy fixes it.


TLC provided all the fixin’s to get us started and celebrating Love, Lust or Run, because you can’t talk about others when you are not shining yourself. The party kit included:

  • Love, Lust or Run paddles
  • Love, Lust or Run large handheld mirror
  • Love, Lust or Run Nail Polishes in a gorgeous silver color
  • Love, Lust or Run Nail files and buffers
  • Love, Lust or Run Hair Make-up remover
  • Love, Lust or Run Hair bands

Of course gamming it up takes energy and time, so I made little finger cookies with the “TLC” logo. I figured we’d party with homemade alfajores, which I cut into heart shapes, filled with dulce de leche and dusted with unsweetened coconut. Hey, we are still dieting over here! Alfajores are cookies that are traditional to Spain and resemble a shortbread in both taste and texture.

TLC’s Love, Lust or Run party was very fun to watch and keeps us in line. Even though none of us suffer as badly as some of the guests on the show, it sure opened the door to point out certain fashion faux pas! Tune in on Fridays at 9:00 PM (CST) and have a few laughs, plus with Stacy London, you always learn a thing or two with every episode!



Connect with TLC’s Love, Lust or Run at:

I received the above product(s) free of charge from HouseParty and TLC .  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

Influenster Something Blue VoxBox, Dr. Scholl’s for Her Ball of Foot Cushions


It’s time for another Influenster VoxBox, and once again Influenster has gone above and beyond with their “Something Blue” Box. Included in the “Something Blue” #IDOVoxBox, was the Dr. Scholl’s Ball of Foot cushions. The cushions help prevent ball of foot pain that many times is associated with the heels us girls love to wear. I, too, am victim of this pain and suffering, so I was looking forward to experiencing some relief.

The cushions prevent toe crunch, so your tootsies will stay in place and are made with Dr. Scholl’s patent FabuStep gel. The gel allows you to feel comfort but also aids by keeping your foot in place…..think of it as a coaster for your foot. I like the design of the cushion, as it’s slim enough to be worn with comfort in pretty much any pair of short heel shoes to the highest heels. What I love too, is there is no adhesive or “stick-ums” left behind in the shoe. You can use the cushions by easily removing them and placing them in another pair, so I like that re-usability option.


How do they feel?

I started with a pair of heels I own that I must admit made me wish shoes came in 1/4 size increments. They are 6.5 but the 7 was too big and the size 6 was tight. The heel of the shoe is also wide so my foot tends to sometimes pop up when I wear them. I’m fine after I have the heels on for 30 minutes or so because my foot will settle and expand that I then no longer pop out, but as cute as these heels are, they hurt. They are open toe so my toes will show evidence to all if I am pushing them toesies forward. I put the cushions in and peeled the backs that have what I would describe as anti-skid technology. Keeps the insert in place but does not have adhesive that would leave residue behind. I notice the cushion has a texture so comfort is definitely visible and even though it’s slim, the product has a nice amount of bounce you usually find with gel made products.


In my foot goes and the verdict?

Thirty-minutes later and I never popped out once and my foot remained in place the entire time. The test comes later as I continued to wear my shoes and do my everyday activities and I can say that this is the answer I was looking for when it comes to the shoes that are super cute but not super comfy. My foot still had some soreness as these are higher than my usual heels but not that deep pain that lingers even when you are out of the heel. I can get use to this nice feeling and being in comfortable shoes really betters your mood……so here I come happy feet 🙂


Tip: The back of the inserts have a peel, which I kept.  After use I add the peel back so I can store the cushion for later use.  The back part has zero adhesive but because gel products can sometimes be easier when it comes to dust clinging, saving the back prevents any of that from happening

Dr. Scholl’s products come with a satisfaction guarantee so I urge you to try these cushions as your feet will thank you. You can get more information at and don’t forget to print the $2.00 off coupon:

I received the above product from Influester at no charge. I am not obligated in providing positive/favorable feedback, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product, which may differ from yours.

BzzAgent: Dr. Scholl’s Gel Insoles for Women


I received the BzzAgent’s campaign offer for the Dr. Scholl’s insoles and have been curious as all the people in the commercials seem super happy and I want that too!

I received the kit and it included the “Outrageous Comfort” insoles, as they make several different kinds of insoles in their Gel line:

  • Outrageous Comfort
  • Work Insoles
  • Arch Support
  • Extra Support Insoles
  • Sport Replacement Insoles
  • Slimsole Insoles


The benefits to Massaging Gel insoles are:

  • Waves of cushion to your feet’s more sensitive areas
  • They also provide Superior Shock absorption
  • Product trims to fit and comes with easy instructions for every insole
  • The designs available for most activities, for everyday wear, work related, sports to dancing!


I did find that double the comfort may also mean double the thickness, so not all my shoes accepted the insoles but fortunately most did and the objective here is finding comfort, which they did provide. I did find they do not transfer the constant shock you get from walking on concrete to asphalt to uneven ground, so the Doctor did deliver on that promise. They are comfortable but it does take a few hours to get used to the feeling, as there is something else in your shoe other than your foot. By hour 3, I was not even thinking about it. After running errands, I did find my pain level was not as high as usual so they do aid with comfort and minimizing some pain. I did find that the insole tends to move in certain shoes a bit more than others and that was uncomfortable but as long as you wear these in a sneaker, boot or even a casual shoe, you should be fine.

Was I floating and jumping like in the commercials?

No, I unfortunately was not but it did provide that extra cushion that even the most comfortable pair of shoes tend to lose with time and wear. I will be trying the other products in their line that may suit my needs better after trying out the “original” insoles. I see this as an introductory to the Dr. Scholl’s Gel line and so far they were good enough that I am seeking to purchase their other products!  I highly recommend trying their products as Dr. Scholl’s does have a satisfaction guarantee listed on their products.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may send the original UPC and store receipt to the address listed on the packaging.

Dr. Scholl’s Gel Line
Comfort for your feet and wallet (coupons)


The above product was provided free of charge by BzzAgent and Dr. Scholl’s. I am not obligated to provide a positive/favorable review, just my honest opinion. My review is based on my experience with the product, which may differ from yours. #GotItFree

If only Sole Socity could bottle up their Customer Service and sell it in a shape of a Shoe

I am very fortunate in being able to have 95% positive experiences with companies, brands and most of their products. Very rare is the time where I receive a product that exhibits manufacture defects or was delivered to me is less than prime condition (aka:New). These companies want to flaunt with pride that their product is the best and this is why they send it to me so I can then echo the same, if I AGREE.

Well, I have my first real ugly Disagree! I love Influenster (www.Influenster.com) because they introduce me to great items that I would have not tried in the past just because I was unaware of their existence or had zero connections with them in the past, so I had no idea if they were good or bad. Being stuck in that unknown middle is not a nice place so I like when companies shake me and make me sway towards a Yay or a Nay!

I give Sole Society a Nay! It’s that clear, that black and white. I ordered a pair of Black leather heels using their code for $25 off, with tax making the total $38.01. I checked every source out there from on-line to brick and mortars and no genuine leather pair of pumps (that was pretty) was available for that price point. In my research, I noticed Sole Society is featured on Nordstorm’s site so that seemed like a good sign. I associate good quality and excellent service with that company. I did some googling and I find that Sole Society is pretty much a “spin off” from Hautelook, which again is another Nordstorm connection. I place my order for the heels they have named Cameron.


Well, Cameron was ordered on Sunday (1/06 after 10:00 PM) after I think I even tired myself debating it. I get a shipment notice with a tracking number, plus a delivery date of Tuesday, January 8th. Wha…? Now, that is QUICK service. UPS driver and his wonderful brown truck pulls up and I was online so my husband gets the package. He kindly opens it up and I hear from the kitchen, “Dang, this shoe box has seen better days”. My response, “seriously, how bad….I don’t keep shoe boxes so let me know how the heels are”. I hear some paper and then silence. Now, a few seconds passing when it comes to something like this seems like minutes so I just know he took TOO LONG to say something. I start speaking and I hear, “Babe, these shoes are used….but like REALLY USED”. I stop what I am doing and we meet half way. I will make it short and clear, these should have never been accepted as a return in that kind of shape and then resold. The girl that walked in these heels should stick to sneakers because not only are they scuffed on the sides and front, but on the back of one of the heels. Each heel has a sticker with what seems to be the model number (just a theory). Cameron is model number 7B/37 and on the right shoe, the sticker has been “walked off”. You have that sticky smear where the sticker came off and everything on the floor/ground stuck to it. It gets worse, one of the heels has the foot (rubber bottom) glued on crooked. Um, I know whoever abused these shoes and then had no shame to return did not do that, that is a manufacturer defect! The shoes have glue spillage where the upper joins the sole and there is an unknown stickiness to them in spots. I just convinced myself it was soda (don’t make me think about it). Nonetheless, the deep wrinkles in the leather from walking, the asphalt pits on the bottom of the heel, and all the damage pictured…..these shoes were accepted as a return and then RESOLD as brand-new to a new customer. I was buying shoes, not renting them! Not only is this not sanitary by any means but truly disgusting when I see two other post on Sole Society’s Facebook page with other clients getting the same and even worse than I did.

I am a “fix it” kind of person and it’s not my business where the shoe fell with Sole Society when it comes to returns. If it’s the return’s department obligation to check this……well, you know when employees are slackers! Thank goodness I did not purchase one of their “Final Sale” pairs because that is how their BOGO sale worked. The site states, Free Shipping and Free Returns” with no asterisk (*) but be advised that if you return a pair and want a REFUND to your credit card, well there is a re-stocking fee of $7.95. Now, you can always waive getting back the real money you used and opt for a Sole Society credit, and only then do you not get charged a restocking fee. I was not paying a restocking fee after I received used and dirty product, nor was I playing the back-in-forth game after seeing the manufacturer defects alone poor Cameron had.

I use their contact form and press enter to submit for it just to clear my text and not send anything. Don’t you love that? I remembered to highlight and hit “copy” before hitting the doom button, thankfully. I sent a direct e-mail and the following day, I received a response. The e-mail apologized for the “mutilated” shoes, (representative’s words…not mine). Great service and quickly tells me there would be no re-stocking fee. I get a UPS label e-mailed and on Friday, January 11th, my Husband makes the trek to drop off the box (I appreciate it). I get a notice from UPS that the shoes will be delivered on Monday, January 14th and then another notice when the shoes arrived at their facility. On Wednesday, January 16th, my credit card reflects a credit in full!

If Sole Society could bottle up their Customer Service and sell it in a shape of a shoe….I would support them 150%! As we stand at the moment, whoever is accepting and selling USED shoes has got to (with a cherry on top) GO! I don’t believe there is any malice from the company to do this because it is not smart business but it’s purely disgusting to have a person or people that would allow such things to happen when you then have Customer Service shining like this. A waste indeed! I wanted to like Sole Society and Cameron, but it seems we were not meant to be.


Influenster VoxBox Holiday 2012 Edition


I was a very good girl this year and the Influenster (@Influenster) Santa rewarded me with a Holiday VoxBox just in time to enjoy saying goodbye to 2012. I have mentioned before being thrilled with this program but they always find more ways to make me smile. Pretty soon I will need some anti-aging cream to get rid of these smile lines! http://www.facebook.com/influenster http://www.twitter.com/influenster  Let’s get to it:

The Holiday VoxBox 2012 contained seven dazzling items to make me look and feel my best!


We start with Quaker’s Real Medley’s Oatmeal in Cherry Pistachio. This product took oatmeal to that next level and shook the boring out of the oats. You will notice the “plus” (+) in the label and that is because this is a product that contains other grains. You start with Oatmeal plus whole cherries, roasted almonds, pistachios, and multigrains. The multi-grain blend is as follows, whole grain rolled Oats, rolled Barley, whole grain rolled Rye and whole grain rolled Wheat. You get a nice jolt of fiber to keep you full and satisfied and at 290 calories per cup (for this flavor), it helps start your new year with a smile. It gets better, no cooking required or even a pot or bowl to clean. You simply add H2O, give it a loving stir so everything gets wet, put cup in the microwave and in 45 seconds you take it out. You stir, let stand for a minute and enjoy. Yup, that is breakfast or even a snack in under two minutes! The taste is wonderful and I enjoyed the whole cherries very much. I have added dried fruit to my oatmeal in the past but never thought of cherries, it’s like a pie in the morning without the guilt! This cup will not hurt your New Year’s resolutions or your pocket book because it’s just $1.79 a cup. @Quaker / #RealMedleys


After I enjoy my Oatmeal, I must get my lips pretty and shiny so Influenster included the NYC New York Color Liquid shine. I was sent color no. 582 in Nude York City (get it! 🙂 ). This Nude color is perfect because it does not have those yellow tones that can cause hues that make you look more sickly than Natural. You get a nice dose of peach with a touch of pink….my perfect Nude tone! It goes perfectly with my skin and hair color and because it’s neutral, it goes with whatever eye color I wear. This is my third time getting this product and I love everything about it, from the price point at just $2.49 a tube to how this formula is not sticky but creamy. It floats nicely on your lips and when it wears down, you do not get those tint lines on your lips…it just wears away and you can easily re-apply. I have glosses I have shamefully paid $19 and up for one color, but NYC has 10 on-trend shades from natural nudes, to berries and even fuchsias. I’m a quality over quantity girl but because you do not skimp on quality with NYC New York Color lipshines, the math is simple- for the cost of about $25…you could own all 10! Yeah, you can’t beat that. @nycnewyorkcolor / #LiquidLipshine


Tired of waiting for nails to dry? Kiss that problem goodbye with Kiss Nail Dress! You can choose from 21 different styles and your no waiting to dry manicure lasts up to 10 days. Instant satisfaction for just $6.99 and that supplies you with 28 strip bands. You pretty much get 2 applications per box and these strips can also be applied to your toe nails, if you wish to match. I so do not miss those toe wedges and walking on my heels because for some reason it always seems my toe nails take longer to dry than the nails on my hands. I loved being able to do my nails on the same day I had a function (New Year’s Eve for me) and not fretting about it. It took my 30 minutes and when I was done with my little toe, I did not have to wait and was wearing heels the next minute. No quick-dry top coat can deliver these results! The great part is that you can skip on applying a top coat because the stickers have it built-in! Kiss thought of everything!  @KissProducts / #KissNailDress


I have not been as spiffy as I want to be since the holidays passed us and trying to de-Christmasify the house, plus everything that has to be done in the New Year….well I admit it (waves little white flag), I can’t hang like I use to. No worries because this is where Influenster must have heard my thoughts because they sent me EBOOST. I try to stay away from anything that has artificial stimulants because they give me pep for a few hours but then I feel worse than before I took the product. It’s like the worst regret you can feel and sometimes I even get a headache for what I refer to as, “trying to cheat my body and make it think it’s energized”. EBOOST does not do this! Yes, I can now cheat and get away with it, this what I wanted and needed! It clearly states on the package “Natural Energy” and I got to try the Natural Pink Lemonade flavor. Very yummy and not over sweetened at all. I actually felt it was better tasting than the other brands that come in package form (even in the same flavor). You get the full care package from EBOOST because it gives you energy and Immunity benefits. I like being taken care of and all I need to supply, is 12 fluid ounces of water! You don’t care for Pink Lemonade? EBOOST has super flavors like Orange, Acai Pomegranate and even Super Berry. I liked it and I did feel energized plus with the flu season always threatening to be worse than the last, I need shielding and an immunity boost wherever I can get it! You can purchase EBOOST for $28 and that supplies you with 20 packets or $39 for for box of 30. You also can opt for the box of 12 shots for $39. @EBOOST / #naturalenergy


I cut five inches off my hair and my hair is still long but looks so much healthier. To insure my locks stay beautiful, Influenster provided me with what I call a brush and towel all-in-one. They sent me the Goody QuickStyle Brush in the “paddle” form. The paddle styler has microfiber bristles, which remove 30% of water as you style. YES!!! This means less damage from heat when I use my blow-dryer! Healthy hair that dries quicker not only saves you time but your hair will thank you. I also noticed my hair was shinier after I used the brush and I feared having little blue fuzzies after use but not one and even had Hubby check. It passed the test so much that I retired (trashed it) my former brush. At $11.99 for either Paddle or Half Round styler, I’m worth it! @GoodyHair / #QuikStyle


This box is really a head to toe treatment. I not only have so far been fed, gotten my nails done, given energy when sluggish, but here comes the thing that every girl desires and doesn’t know why are so drawn to them, SHOES! Influenster and Sole Society teamed up and created a powerful offer that I can share with you. You want what pretty much equals to half off for certain styles of shoes? I do…I do… and here it goes: Visit http://www.SoleSociety.com and use code: INFLUENSTER25 at check-out to get $25.00 off your first purchase. I visited and bought a pair of black heals because shipping is FREE both ways. Yes, if the shoe does not work, no worries because you pay $0.00 to return it. I dislike being punished by an oopsie on size and because shoes vary how they feel and fit with so many styles, no punishment here. I love it!! I also love shoes and I was so hoping to not find a pair I liked because Santa gave me two pairs for Christmas but Sole Society had so many cuties, that it took me 3 days to settle on the pair I wanted to try. I will share when they arrive! They also have a buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) going so my closet will be colorful soon. With Spring and Summer coming….who am I fooling? I always find a reason to buy shoes! @solesociety / #PerfectPair


Based on demographics, some Influenster members received the Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks. These packs cost just under $2! I know, it’s just too great to believe and they have so many to choose from so you are not stuck with a huge jar when you need another variety. I received the Fruit Smoothie in Crushed Raspberry. This product is a deep pore cleaning masque and smells as delicious as it sounds. It has Mango too! I entered 2013 with a less than bright complexion but after just 15 minutes, I had baby soft skin that glowed like I did not stay up too late on New Year’s Eve. I quickly googled and saw that ULTA has these and I drove out the next day and picked up 6 masques. I love the clays they use and my skin did not breakout the following day because it does not over strip your skin. I will be using the Montagne brand from now on because I’m a true believer that there are many great companies that can make you beautiful without emptying your pocket book! @MontagneJeuness / #FaceMasque

Later in the week, after I received my VoxBox, I received an e-mail stating there is a bonus box coming and it’s a book. Yup, now even my brain is being cared for by Influenster. You have got to sign-up for this company and realize all my products above cost a whopping $0.00. I have invites, so feel free to ask me and I shall share!

The above article is based on my own opinions and none of the brand/companies require I provide a negative and/or positive review. My opinions are honest and based on trying the products at zero cost. My opinions may vary from yours and others.

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