Milumia: Summer Dress in Pink with a Lace/Crotchet waist #Review


Buying clothing on-line can be tricky at times and especially when you need an article for a special event on short notice. I find that everyone’s size small is not the same but at most stores or even internet clothing sites, you can at least run error on the side of caution that you can give or take a few inches. I love it when sites list actual measurements because let’s face it, you are cutting fabric to a certain dimension to give it a size. Sounds simple!




Not so simple when the measurements do not match the article of clothing. Let me start by saying I range between a size small in some brands and medium in others. My chest is usually what makes me go up on size because I dislike that feeling of sleeves being pulled if a shirt is too tight in the front. In comes Milumia that thankfully lists the measurements in centimeters, but gives the shopper an idea of sizing. Dresses are a safe bet because you don’t usually have to worry about waist and hip sizes with certain styles and especially those worn in Summer. I wanted dresses that have a light fabric, so these being 100% rayon allowed the fabric to remain light and breathable.




Now, to the second dress I ordered from Milumia. I ordered size small and it was still too baggy on the bottom but nowhere near as the white one I reviewed first. Extra small was available but at 33.1 inches, this left no room for error as I am about 33 inches around the chest and a C cup. The dress featured is a light soft pink in color (in the picture) with a paler pink where the crochet style lays, giving it a nice contrast. You have a beautiful flutter of fabric that rests just below the shoulder and it gives the dress a very fun and just perfect for Summer look! You also have a pearled-like pink button that allows you to have an open or closed “key-hole” at the chest.




When I received the dress, the dress is not at all as soft “pink” as pictured. At the time I wanted the coffee color but it was not stocked in my size. I went with the pink as the second choice. I notice now Salmon is available and that reflects an even paler color than the pink I received. I can easily say the pink fabric does not reflect in hue to the one pictured and it seems like names of colors are being used freely without really knowing what hue they reflect. Furthermore, that contrast in the picture on Amazon where the lace lays……well, it’s not there. The pink on the crotchet is as deep in pink as the rest of the dress. The cut is also a little odd. The torso is not as long as it should be, making this dress almost have a doll like cut. I’m short at 5’3 and the torso just did not set well when I wore it. The waist is high but because it is not fit to your body, you lose any curvature you may have and it just looks like a child’s dress even though the skirt part is long enough. Very unusual. I have worn high waist dresses and because the cut in sizing was accurate, the dress rested beautifully. ¬†Again, the sizing does not correspond with the one listed. This dress on the “waist” and top are way too baggy. I mean inches here in sizing being off, not centimeters. You will also note that there is discrepancies in sizing by color choice. Yes, Milumia has different dimensions for sizes that go by the color you choose. I have never seen this before. I can sometimes see where one color of fabric is sewn in one factory and another at a different location and you may have a few discrepancies by centimeters, but you have differences in inches here! So before you order, make sure to look and even then like the size small, pink dress I received; the color is wrong (and it goes beyond computer settings), the contrast in fabrics is not there and the seamstress did not even go by the graph present for the color/size. This dress retails for $19.99 and I could see it as a bargain if the sizing was respected and even the contrast in fabric was like the picture. A dress that is just too big and does not represent the sizing listed just makes it a draw of luck. Will the dress you get be the size stated? Who knows! Due to the color being as it is, I will not be trying to fix this one. I may try to wash it and see if it shrinks but then it could be shorter and not something I desire when the bottom is baggy (not airy).




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