Bath & Body Works NEW & Improved Shower Gel! Squeaky Clean & Sexy!

NEW & Improved! Shower Gel NOW WITH SHEA!

Bath & Body Works exclusive formula is now enriched with Shea Butter, making it the richest, bubbliest lather that gives you softer, cleaner skin.Moisturizing Aloe Vera and skin-loving Vitamin E combine for lather that bursts with fragrance! Exclusively at Bath & Body Works.

I like a product that again does the work of two.  Bath & Body Works has added Shea Butter to their shower gel so you don’t dry out so much while showering.  It’s great to strip the dirt away but that also takes away what keeps our skin healthy.  They did not stop there and added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to make sure you are one soft baby!  I was afraid of feeling oily and not clean when I received this but my fears were put to rest when I towel dried.  I get it now, how you are supposed to feel clean but not like you shrunk your skin after a shower.  I felt comfortable and my skin just felt normal- not dry or oily.  It remained that way through out the day and even the day I was too in a hurry to apply body lotion and wait for it to dry before getting dressed.  I received Pink Chiffon and I describe the scent like raspberry roses.  Please go into a store and take a sniff because it’s yummy.  Not overly perfumed but intoxicating because it smells so good and light.  This product comes also in full size (10 ounces) for $11, so if you like it as much as I did, I would opt for the full size since the mini is only 3 ounces.  Quick math and you can see the deal!


I received this product sample from my friends at!

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