Epica Hand Held Shower Head Review

After a string of so many big hits, it’s a shame to end the weekend on such a big miss. The Epica Handheld shower head promised many things, such as all metal construction, an extra-long hose, and a long life of use. It delivered on exactly none of those promises.


To start, the unit was very clearly chrome plated plastic, not the “All-Metal” construction promised. It’s a shame that something so simple as what it’s made of is being misrepresented. It also didn’t bode well for my experience with the shower head.

As for the “Extra Long Non-Kink Hose”, while it is longer than the standard  6 foot hose length, it’s not all that different than just about any hose with any handheld shower head. In fact, just a cursory glance over your Amazon search results will net you comparable hand held shower heads with 7′, 8′, or longer lengths!


Moving on, the quality control. I could not attach the unit to the water spigot, because it was not assembled correctly, and made installation impossible. So this might be a record short review, because I can only review the product based on looks, and while it looks nice, no one buys a shower head just to look at!

I contacted Epica, because after my wonderful experience with their folding step stool, I thought they’d make it right. Alas, I never heard back. Whether I just slipped through the cracks, I don’t know. I do know I can’t recommend this shower head at all.


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