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Having tried out a few automatic wine openers in the past, I wasn’t sure if the newest version from Ozeri would be quite up to snuff. I was pleasantly surprised to find that everything I liked about my past wine openers, I liked even more from My new Ozeri Maestro.


To start, the fit and finish of this unit is superb. It looks simply amazing just sitting on my countertop.This new generation motor is a marked improvement from the last one, which with stubborn corks might sometimes destroy the cork or bind badly. Not with the Maestro, it powered through any tough to open cork we had, and didn’t obliterate it in the process. The second generation battery is also much better than the last, as we have yet to have to charge it after a couple weeks’ use. Another big plus is the big, bright LCD readout that tells you how much juice is left in the opener. Because nothing’s worse than going to use an electric appliance or gadget and it….just…..power……dooooown. That is a thing of the past with Ozeri’s Maestro.

But wait, there’s more! The Maestro has a built-in non contact thermometer that reads not just ambient room temperature, but the temperature of the wine itself! How cool is that? Don’t worry, the Maestro will tell you. The unit is decked out in a high polished stainless steel, with a matching stainless steel base, and an included foil cutter that tucks away neatly into the back of the charging base. It even comes in a high class black storage/gift box, for those special people in your life that can appreciate quality. And let me tell you, for folks with arthritis and grip issues, this Maestro is a god send. And because it’s Ozeri, you know they stand behind everything they sell 100%, so you can buy with confidence.



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Ninja Master Prep Food & Drink System


I have had some experience with Ninja kitchen systems, having just this year gotten to try out a Ninja Mega Kitchen System. While it was uber cool, and did a lot of things well, I had many dedicated kitchen gadgets that did what the Ninja did, but better. So when I was offered to try out a Ninja Master Prep System, I was game but went in with my eyes wide open.


Like the previous Ninja branded system I used, this one is pretty cool, and does tasks that I previously had to do by hand or with multiple different kitchen gadgets. The Ninja Master Prep system seems indispensable to people who cool a lot (like me!) what with being able to prep multiple things, both sweet and savory, all with just swapping out the Ninja Master Pod (head unit). And with everything but the motor being completely dishwasher safe, prep and cleanup is a breeze! With a large 48 oz. pitcher and a smaller, 16 oz. bowl, it’s good for big jobs, little jobs, and everything in between. The dual-stage blades can be separated for even smaller jobs, but with 4 blades per spindle, and two different spindles, you have enough sharp stuff to make mince meat of just about anything. The work lids seal (almost*) watertight, so there’s very little chance of spilling or messes to clean up. And if you blend a little too much, not to worry, there’s storage lids included. So you can go from countertop prep to kitchen shelf store with no effort at all.


Alas, it’s not all wine and roses with the Ninja Master Prep system. For starters, the warranty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You have to pay shipping for your defective unit (bummer!) and shipping for your replacement unit (MAJOR bummer!) essentially making the cost of replacing a new, defective unit on par with buying a new, non-defective unit. Next is the plastic gears that drive the very powerful 400 watt motor. Should you attempt to blend something particularly hard, or thick, the gears could strip and break, rendering the unit useless. And there is plenty of anecdotal evidence all over the net and Amazon to support that this can and does happen, from time to time. Lastly, I must get to my (almost*) comment above. The top of the worklid has space for the blade spindle to pop out and meet up with the Master Pod gear and drive the blades. But if you’ve filled the Prep Pitcher or Prep Bowl too much, or blend too long or vigorously, whatever you blend has a very good chance of spurting out the top, and this happened to me every time I’ve used it so far, to varying degrees. I have no doubt this will eventually make for a horrible, gummy mess as it’s nearly impossible to clean effectively. The same goes for some small crevasses and nooks that will hold onto schmutz and be nigh unreachable without the dishwasher. Sometimes you just want to wash things in the sink and get back to it, but that’s not going to always be possible. And that’s not even mentioning what’ll happen should the gasket that seals that part fail and moisture get into the motor housing.


All those things are a shame, because I really like this unit. It does everything I ask of it, blends like a dream, chops when I want things chopped, and pulverizes when I need something pulverized. So while I can’t give it the vaunted “5 Star” rating, I can go as high as 4 because you can’t really hold a potential failure against something that as of this writing is still going strong.


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