Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay

Hubby hass been rocking the “high and tight” hair style for quite some time, and one of the things that became indispensable for his hair style is a good pomade. And while the Smooth Viking Clay is a good product, it didn’t suit his needs.


Back when he was a young’n, Hubby used a product called “Three Flowers”. It was petroleum jelly based, smelled awful, was nearly impossible to get out of his hair and was greasy. As he grew up, he moved to more hair-friendly (and everything-else-friendly) products that wouldn’t be so bad for his hair, scalp, and anything it came in contact with. Currently he uses a Redken product, and has for about 5 years. He’s a creature of habit and wants extreme hold without shine or a greasy feel. Smooth Viking came in close to his current Redken. The Smooth Viking has decent hold, not the “extreme” hold Hubby wants, and there is minimal shine, not a full matte finish. It does stay pliable and doesn’t have a greasy hand feel if one were to run their fingers through their hair after. There is a slight scent to the product that isn’t unpleasant but Hubby didn’t much care for. It had a good amount of hold throughout the day as well.

In the end, it’s a very decent product. Being that he’s a creature of habit and doesn’t take well to change, I would chalk Hubby’s missives about the product as a picky consumer more than failings of the product, but in the end he did end up sticking with his old Redken product, because he felt the hold was superior and the product has a truly matte finish.


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