HouseParty: Mixing it up with Mezzetta Party #MezzettaMixer


Mezzetta has been a brand we have used in our home for decades. From the roasted peppers that go great on a pizza, blended to add to a sauce to the Peperoncini that I slice up for sandwiches or eat whole with a salad. I have started baking our own breads because finding a bread with “friendly ingredients” is possible but at a hefty price point. I don’t believe you should pay more when you want less chemicals! When HouseParty announced they had openings for a Mezzetta Party, you bet I signed up.


Mezzetta Party Kit contained:

  • (1) Apron with a cute Mezzetta logo that has an Olive and finally an apron with 2 large pockets. Those that give you one pocket don’t realize that I have 2 hands and usually I act like I have three by grabbing more utensils that I can hold.
  • (1) Visa Card for the Host to purchase products/ingredients for the event.
  • (1) One of the cutest Slotted Spoon that is perfect for draining the brine/liquid but still getting the olive and/or pepper you seek. No need to attempt to “harpoon” a pepper with a fork or pretend I can balance an olive out of a jar like Houdini.
  • (16) Coupon Booklets that included Mezzetta inspired recipes.
  • (16) Reusable Mezzetta branded Tote Bags that were very welcomed by my guests, due to the new state law, which will make California the first state to pass a state wide law of banning shopping bags.


I have been doing really good with puff pastry and just like that, you can make the dishes savory or sweet. Easy to use and a great way to showcase what is in season. I found the most beautiful baby heirloom tomatoes, so they were a must mixed with a ricotta and Mezzetta’s Sun Dried Tomatoes “bedding” for them to rest on. I allowed guests to make their own dish by pre-chopping veggies they could add to their tart. Easy and almost mess free (well, bunching up the used parchment paper can be labor intensive 🙂 ).


Combined with an Italian braised pork that I used Mezzetta’s Sweet Cherry Peppers and also paired with fresh Italian (Cubanelle) Green peppers, and doused in Pinot Grigio wine. You simply brown the seasoned pork first, brown the veggies and then add the peppers with a nice healthy wine bath. I add a bouquet of Lavender and Herbs, and just stick in the oven (covered in a braiser) at 350 degrees for a couple hours. Easy and tastes like you took all day to make when it was the oven that did all the work. I also love the all in one pot cooking method!


The Olive bread was a cinch too. I use my “lazy girl” method, which can be used with any combination of Mezzetta’s Olives and most of their peppers.

Mezzetta’s Olive Blend Bread:

  • 1 3/4 cups of All-Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Active Dry Yeast
  • 1/2 to 3/4 of warm water (105 degrees)
  • Olive Oil to baste bowl and bread

I put the above in my mixer (with dough hook) and make a well with the flour. I add the yeast and the warm water and allow it to “bloom” (bubble a bit) for about 5 to 8 minutes. I add my salt and then mix. If it needs more water to allow for a dough that is supple, I add by the teaspoon. I knead (well, the mixer does it) for about 7 to 10 minutes. I then get a bowl and add some Olive Oil to allow the bread to proof in the oven (105 degrees) for an hour (cover lightly with plastic wrap). Once the dough is proofed, I then put it in the fridge (do not punch the dough down).

I used about 1/2 a cup of mixed Mezzetta Olives, you can use peppers of your liking as long as the seeds are removed and they are chopped. Same goes for the olives, no stones or anything. Once I chopped what I want, I then take the dough out and start kneading my ingredients in. I sometimes add cheeses and a mix of dry and fresh herbs. Try to not over knead when incorporating your olives/pepper mixes. This can produce a rough dough. I will then shape the loaf into a desired shape and I then put the dough on a baking stone (a pan is fine with parchment or at least oiled to reduce sticking). Cover with a light towel and allow the dough to proof again for about 40 minutes to an hour. I sometimes baste mine with more Olive Oil or you use Warm Water to create a nice crust. I have sprinkled Parmesan to even Maldon (flake) Salt on mine before putting it in the oven. Add a couple slashes to allow the bread to breathe (steam escape) and bake at 450 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes (depending on size/shape) or until done. Allow to completely cool before slicing! You can also make the dough ahead and leave it in the fridge for up to a week after the first proof (the dough gets a richer flavor if you at least leave it overnight in the fridge)…….told you it was a friendly
recipe 🙂


Mezzetta allows us to make dishes that look beautiful, taste great, but took only a few minutes to make. I like that! The less time I spend in the kitchen, the more time I can spend with Family & Friends!


Get you Mezzetta Fix and Make it betta’ at:


I received the above product(s) free of charge from HouseParty and Mezetta.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.


Rich & Creamy Melt Organic and Honey Melt Organic Review

Melt Butter:

The product arrived in a thick Styrofoam box with cool packs and in perfect condition. I was very impressed with the care taken in shipping both items.

Melt products are organic and are made with virgin coconut oil. Don’t let the coconut oil fool you, there is no coconut flavor just like peanut oil does not taste like the nut. You get a rich and creamy texture taste but you do not have to worry as much as you would with a 100% dairy derived fat. I frankly always felt that like sugar substitutes that rarely taste like the real thing, I sort of held the same level of expectations for this spread. My highest expectation was for the Honey version and thought it would just be a good spread at the most.

I was so wrong!! I admit it (it hurts but I do) but you have to admit when you are faced with a yummy product. Why be cruel and keep it to myself!

The original version is rich and creamy with the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness, which you would get from normal butter. You almost taste a hint of honey sweetness even though it is not in the product. It’s mellow and very good. Not like margarine in any way and no oil residues are left on your palette. It melts in your mouth just like a high quality butter would and you are just left with the desire to take another shaving off with your butter knife. The product’s true flavor came through and the richness increases as the spread comes to room temperature. This is when Melt’s goodness can be appreciated because now the fats will be tasted and your mind will really start playing tricks on you. There is a very small amount of true butter, yet it is rich like if the entire portion was dairy derived. I looked four times thinking I missed something but it has to be the virgin coconut oil, which I had never tasted before. The list is longer of what it does not contain than what it does. Simplicity is an understatement! You can bake, cook, drizzle, saute, whip or eat it out of the container just like you would with normal butter, so that right there is not what I expected. These “hybrid products” are always limited because it’s chemicals that bind them, but please do not lump the Melt brand into that group. This is nature at it’s best and finally someone grasped the idea and applied it that “less is better”. You keep it simple and the natural ingredients will shine. I became a fan and will be purchasing this product.

My second tub is their newer addition to the family, and that would be the Honey Melt. I will start off that when I opened the container I was surprised to see small brown specks….wait that is cinnamon. No way! This should be named Honey Cinnamon but I was not there when it came to picking a name. I have a happy moment when I see cinnamon in spreads and then comes that dread of how much was added. I like the spice very much but like paprika, a touch goes a long way. The scent was light so that was a good start. I again first taste a product as-is before spreading it on anything because I want to know if it is worthy to be added to any food item first. Um, So worthy!! I was sitting and quickly got up and took out the end part of a bread loaf because that was the first thing and I’m impatient when “yummers” are ahead. Pure bliss and it tastes like a good apple butter with the perfect sweetness and how you imagine apple butter should taste and never does. I started thinking and waiting to see restrictions, like you can’t cook with me and please do not melt the product…but wait, this is the real stuff and there was none of that. No limitations or restrictions!! The product even states you can freeze it.

Melt sent me the perfect duo and I sadly have to admit that I would have kept walking at the grocery store if I had seen the product because I have been burned by claims before. It never is like the real thing and how many times did I get that a spray butter that promised it would be just like the real thing. All I ended up with was a tired trigger finger from spraying, spraying, and spraying, which then makes your food cold. Melt has fat but the better ones and it stayed true to nature, so true that it’s organic. I’m the type of person that prefers a half of slice of real cake versus a whole slice of some lab created item that is like cake, but really should be spelled K-a-k-e. I missed nothing and when I open my fridge, I see it as real butter. No leaps or self fooling needs to be done because this product delivers on it’s claims and the added benefit, it tastes good….really good.

Time to bake and because I did not want to bore you with the literature of why this is better health wise, please visit the site and look for yourself:

I received this product via Swaggable, free of charge. I have no obligation in giving this brand a high or low mark, but my genuine opinion. Above is my honest and unbiased opinion. It may not be the same as yours but I wanted to share mine because that is what I do :).

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