MYS Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

It might seem superfluous to have more than one set of grinders on your counter, but in this house, even two sets falls a little short. Because for us, we have 3 different salts and 4 different peppers to grind depending on the meal, so it can get a little crowded on the counter at times. What that also means is I get to compare and contrast MYS’s Grinder set versus, say, the previous set from Q’s Inn. They look alike, but do they perform alike?


Sadly, no. Not that the MYS set performs badly, it’s just not as butter-smooth as the Q’s Inn set. There’s some binding in the grinding action, as well as a squeal or two. Occasionally they stick a bit. Other than that they function identically. What was absolutely superb was the collapsible silicone pouring spout for refilling. That’s a bonus that has unexpectedly made filling my grinders a joy instead of a chore. The julienne peeler is neat, but I have a few of those, and none of the are as dangerous. This one as sharp blades that are right out there for my soft, pink digits to get sliced and diced on, so have a safe place to store it. The included cleaning brush is also an inspired inclusion that is one of those “Well, duh!” tools that I should have had much sooner. But the meat and potatoes of this set are the grinders, and they’re decent, not great.


The stainless steel is also slightly thinner, and not as “polished” so I would be wary of putting in salts that have high moisture content. The ceramic burrs are adjustable and should last a while. The glass bases are easy to clean, grip and use. And the included goodies are mostly awesome, but the action on the grinders, which means the most important part of the set, is lacking and problematic on my set, so I have to knock a couple of stars off for that, but I’ll add one back because the silicone funnel for filling? Inspired. And MYS states on the Amazon listing: “100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; we aim to keep you perfectly happy with our products and want to know if there are any concerns or questions; please contact us as we will make it right!” So it’s up to you, but for my money, Q’s Inn gets my business instead.


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Ohuhu Jute Storage “Basket” Set

I’m not the biggest Ohuhu fan, and when I apply to try and review products, I try to avoid Ohuhu because of the usually poor quality of their products and the complete lack of aftersales support. Unfortunately, Ohuhu obfuscates their name on Tomoson, using many pseudonyms, for reasons I’ll not speculate about here.


At any rate, I ended up getting these just storage “baskets”, but they’re not really baskets as much as bags of a sort, made from jute string and coated with a plastic on the inside. There’s no rigid sides or bottom, so they tend to slump and crinkle, so storing them less than completely full will lead to them slumping and semi-collapsing. And I don’t know what they coated these with in their plant in China, but there’s a funk to these Ohuhu “baskets”. I’ve left them out in the hopes that the smell will dissipate, but short of that I don’t know what I can do to get rid of the smell, because they have a water resistant coating. For $14.99 you get two sizes (Large: 16.5″ L x 13″W x 9.7″H and Small: 10″ L x 8.7 “W x 5.7″H), and they should hold a good amount of stuff so long as the bottom is supported. Without that support they turn more into the oddly shaped bags. And the goofy “ohuhu storage” logo in bold black letters on the side? Tacky and ugly. Thankfully it’s just on one side.


For your money, you could do worse, but there’s still enough wrong with them for me that i can’t recommend them too highly. There’s no forms or support on the sides or bottom, and they smell really bad. On the plus side they’re affordable and seem like they’d be fairly durable. I’ll leave it to my readers to decide if the negatives overpower the positives.


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Gurin Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator and Flosser




From time to time, we get to try products we’ve been curious about for years but never pulled the trigger on. This is one of those, and it’s one I’m glad we got to try. Gurin’s Professional Water Flosser is a great addition to your oral care routine, and at a price that makes it affordable for everyone.


Brushing your teeth is only one step in a complete oral care routine. Flossing is essential, and I’ve come to believe a good mouthwash is as well. But a “water flosser” like this Gurin Oral Irridator will also become indespensible when you see all the little bits left behind after brushing and flossing. I know I did. It took a bit to get the hang of it, and I can say from unfortunate experience that the pump is powerful enough to send a stream of water across the room. The three settings are great, from Normal to Soft to “Pulse”, there’s a setting there for just about everyone’s sensitivity levels. And, should you want to be a bit OCD like us in this house, you can use mouthwash as well as water for an extra level of “clean”. Keeping your gums healthy is a must for strong teeth that’ll last us our entire lives, and this Gurin Professional Water Flosser is a fantastic way to really keep your gums, and by extension, your teeth, healthy and strong. At only $37.95 (at the time of this writing), it’s cheaper than a trip to the dentist, too, and much less than products of comparable quality and features, by as much as 2/3! And for those with braces, this is a godsend for getting little bits of food out and keeping your mouth fresh. I WISH there was something like this way back when I had my braces!!


The battery is rechargeable, and the supplied AC adapter gives the unit a full charge in about 4 hours, and it goes on and on and on from a single charge. I can’t see any documentation as to the type of battery used (the Amazon add says “NiCad”), so I would make a point of charging it only when needed and not over-charging or leaving it plugged in for prolonged periods of time. I do wish it was a NiMH or Lithium Ion battery, for longevity’s sake. Gurin’s Water Flosser also comes with 2 color-coded heads for multiple users, and while you can buy replacement heads on Amazon, contacting Gurin about your first set of replacement heads by email with the subject line “Interested in Free offer for Gurin Oral Irrigator” will get a you a couple of free heads. If I had to take issue with anything about this product, it’s that I wish there was a way to “dial down” the volume of liquid that is dispensed, as I found myself dribbling from the chin from time to time. Hubby didn’t have as much of an issue, by he has a giant mouth on his big ‘ole pumpkin head, so of course he’d have no problems. I would also not recommend ditching the string floss entirely, as this should only be used to supplement your flossing, not replace it entirely. Other than that, this has become an essential part of my daily oral care routine. You should really try it, you won’t know how you got along without it!


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