Sumsonic 20″ Neoprene Cable Management Sleeves, pack of 5

We all know someone with who has an nigh unmanageable bunch of wires behind their TV, desk, or entertainment center. And let’s face it, some of us ARE that someone, and I’m not to proud to admit I’m one of them With items added at different intervals, it quickly became a game of making the various sundry cords, cables and wires less noticeable, to varying degrees of success. Thankfully Sumsonic must have noticed and graced us with their pack of 5 Neoprene Cable Management Sleeves.


While I found a couple of frustrating things about these sleeves, overall they filled a giant, gaping need I had to keep my rat’s nest of wires behind my TV stand resemble something closer to the neat and orderly status I strive so hard to achieve within the rest of my home. The problems I had were only having two hands for what amounted to a three hand job: One to hold the bunch of wires a one each on either side to the zipper to attach the two sides and have the sleeve be, well…A sleeve. Thankfully Hubby was there to get the zipper started while I held the wires. Maybe if you do some kind of advanced yoga you’ll find a way to make this a one person job. Alas, I could not. But once I had an extra set of hands, oh, the beauty of bundled wires! Sumsonic’s Neoprene Sleeves excel where other, more rigid, cheaper plastics can fail in that the neoprene is soft and bends to meed any curve or bump. They also strech a bit so you can achieve a snug fit around all but the fattest bundles of wires and cords.


I’m not going to cast stones from my formerly wired mess of a glass house, but if you have a bunch of cords and cables running down from the back of your TV, you really need to think about investing in a set of these Sumsonic Neoprene Cable Sleeves. They’ll last longer than that goofy curled plastic wire sleeve that the local big-box store stocks, and will last a lot longer too. I thinks these are a must have for anyone who values a neat and tidy home, or just wants to take better care of the’re electronic components. And with their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee within 30 days, there’s no reason to not at least try to tame the beast.


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EvoBrite’s LED Ultra Energy Efficient 9w (60w replacement) Bulb



Let’s be honest, whether we like it or not, it’s becoming more important every year to be as energy efficient as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that was to change out your old incandescent bulbs for “greener” CFL’s. Yet the light was atrocious, there was usually a delay when you flipped the switch, and they didn’t last very long. Disposal was also a nightmare. So you’d be forgiven if you put off switching out your bulbs. Especially when the alternative, LED’s, were very expensive and not easy to find. But EvoBrite’s New 9w LED bulb puts all those old concerns to rest, at a price that means there’s no excuse to keep putting off the switch.


EvoBrite’s 9w bulb puts out the equivalent light of a 60w incandescent bulb, but draws almost a tenth of the power! You could expect maybe, if you were lucky, about 1,000 hours of use from your old bulbs, but with the new LED’s, you can expect in the neighborhood of 50,000 hours! So while, initially, incandescent bulbs seem cheaper, as Hubby’s grandfather used to say, “The cheap comes out expensive” in the end, because you’ll be rebuying those incandescents a whole bunch more while your shiny new LED is still plugging away! And the light quality is comparable to most soft white incandescent bulbs on the market today, not the harsh, nasty light of the CFL’s they tried to pawn off on us a few years back. In fact, with the exception of the patented “”Reveal” brand of bulbs, I find my EvoBrite LED is probably my favorite light in the house. Plus, it’s on in an instant, no more waiting for the bulb to come on, or for it to achieve “full brightness” like CFL’s. And because there’s little to no glass, EvoBrite’s LED bulb is shock proof, there’s no filament to break, and doesn’t put out the heat a normal bulb would. There’s literally no downside. At $7.39 shipped (with Prime) it’s about the same price as the ones you’d get in you local big-box store, but delivered to your home, no muss, no fuss. I can’t speak to disposal, because I’ve never had to replace a single LED light in this house!


While you can’t dim this particular bulb, I see no reason to not start replacing all the incandescent bulbs in my house with LED’s. I’ve already changed three, and now with EvoBrite’s 9w LED bulb, 4. I don’t miss the old bulbs a lick, and most of time forget they’re LED’s. Except when I’m changing out an old Incandescent. Which happens a lot. With EvoBrite’s bulb, that may soon be a thing of the past!


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from EvoBrite.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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