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On my blog, I have reviewed numerous (don’t start counting) of beauty products. Many are anti-aging oriented because when we were little girls, we wanted to look older and of course now that wish has made us rethink and start fighting the hands of time. I don’t want to look stretched out and lose what my real face looks like. My goal is to look my best for my age. Not for anyone else or to compare to the standards set in magazines, I just want to look better because it makes ME feel better!

I was fortunate enough to be included into the Tria Sneak Peek program, which featured the new Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser. It’s a little laser that helps improve your skin’s appearance around the delicate area surrounding your eye. I’m already a Tria fan and own their other laser so I came in with high expectations. I tried the laser as instructed without using any creams, lotions, serums that would blur the true benefits from the laser. I just used a moisturizer to keep my skin healthy.

The Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser features:
A new laser system that is FDA-approved and requires (sit down for it), just 2 minutes a day. That is the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth! The laser from Tria is a Fractional laser. These type of lasers allow for the user to treat and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It is the same as you would see in a Dermatologist setting. The laser aids with resurfacing the layers of your skin, meaning removing the older layers without damaging and producing a new and smoother looking surface. Such lasers are used to remove skin problems like acne marks, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. You are left with beautiful skin that reflects a better looking you with zero down time. The laser stimulates the skin to heal, by leaving a column when it “zaps”. You are left with chambers that have been treated, with walls (columns) of intact skin to aid in the healing process. This allows the skin to stimulate and creating a more flawless appearance. Fine lines smooth out, skin elasticity improves and cells renew producing a younger look that is still as natural looking as you, so no worries of looking like you had extensive procedures.

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Retail Price Point: $249 for the Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser or you can purchase the “Black Friday Deal” for $259, which includes Prep Cloths and a Nourishing cream (very much worth it for just $10 more).

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I tried the Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser and because I am accustomed to zaps of the other Tria laser I own, this one provided zero discomfort. I came in with high expectations because of the results Tria is known to deliver but also because this is a laser that I was familiar with when it came to performance, even though I had only read about it and not ever had a treatment. When I saw just 2 minutes a day, I was unsure then about what to expect. It just seemed so simple and there are serums I have used longer periods (i.e. months) and have been disappointed. I used the laser and noticed improvement at the 2 week mark! Okay, this is better than anything I have ever used out of a bottle, jar, you name it. My Husband noticed my skin around my eyes was “less squint-y” (his words). When Tria said, “Eye Opening Results”, okay I see what you did there. My eyes looked more awake, brighter and even though I don’t have a lot of fine lines in that area, what I had just went poof! Like gone and no tricks of lighting or creams that reflect this to make that look better. This was real, true results that remained after I washed my face. You don’t get that with products that temporarily plump and smooth out your skin! This is looking good make-up and magic potion free. I continued to use the laser down to the day the trial period ended and reported my results. I was thrilled and did not want to let go of “my precious” laser but part of the agreement was letting it go so I could get one from the final model that would be going into production. I have spent……well, let’s not go there in what I call empty and broken promises that come in bottles, jars, good for the environment squeeze packs and so forth . Nothing delivered as quickly and as well, as the Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser! Being able to look good this quickly and knowing it’s for keeps as long as I keep with the treatments (8 weeks treating with a 4 week break), that is just something I have never been able to achieve. I am 100% satisfied and Tria stands behind the success their products bring. You get a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied…….something very few brands of anything beauty ever print on their own packages. You have nothing to lose other than a few wrinkles and fine lines 🙂

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Tria.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.





Tria: Hair Removal Laser 4X

I usually start reviews by breaking down a product and I will be doing this but there is a new twist to this one, I will be posting my results first because when I was searching on-line about Tria, many reviewers detailed features and did not open up if this was a buy. Yes, the product has a heftier price tag (at $449) than most of the beauty items I purchase, however I measure a product’s worth by it’s performance and can say that Tria is so worth it!


I started my Tria treatments a little after Thanksgiving because it was my goal to enter 2014……well, less hairy. I wanted to simplify my beauty regimen and there were areas I wanted to target because in my mind it would make me happier not worrying about grooming (plucking, shaving, ect.) in those areas. I received the parcel and unfortunately my first Tria laser acted goofy at no fault of the company. The first box delivered was involved in a train derailment in Arizona and I am unsure if the box was delayed because it was in the train that derailed (hit an overpass) or delayed because the train that had the parcel could not pass, nonetheless the laser was exchanged without me missing a treatment. I went from owning a Graphite colored one to then Lilac, but I just care about results!

FAST Results:
Let me begin by saying that I read reviews and noticed the users of the Tria laser that reported success, used the laser once a week even though the product states you can start using it in 2 week intervals. The Tria 4X has five intensity levels and I started on 2, then worked to level 3 while doing the same area, and then to to level 4. Level 4 was my comfort level in week #1 and by week #2, I just used the maximum level 5. People describe the “pain” as a rubber-band snapping, however I disagree. You get certain areas where you will feel discomfort and this is mostly because the laser will get hot as you go. Areas you have nerves a little closer to the surface will feel a pinch and sometimes like you got flicked, but nothing that can make you afraid from proceeding. I find stopping and letting the laser tip cool (30 seconds to 1 minute) helps when you move from one treatment spot to the other and feel heat (discomfort) before pushing the button.

Treated Area Details:
I started on facial and then moved to the bikini area. I am part Spanish and that makes me get hairs on my chin, which I pluck but because I have fair skin, I sometimes was left with a black dot if the hair did not fully come out. I hate that! I used concealer but also disliked using it for black dots. I started treating and by week #4, I was 50% diminished. By week #6 and #7, I was 90% hair free. I may have a straggler here and there but still mostly hairless. Like, none need to be plucked, and no black dots where a hair was or is coming. My skin looks like it never even had hair (no enlarged pores). I even did the “sideburn” area, & the middle of my eyebrows and because hair was finer there, that area was hairless within 4 weeks alone. I may add I use my concealer now ZERO times and I am keeping it in case I get a bad pimple or something. Now, the bikini area is where I do feel discomfort and some pain in certain areas and can only treat so low. I noticed by week #4 my bikini area’s hair was growing at a snail’s pace and there was less to shave every week. I want to treat lower but I may be picking up their “numbing cream” to reduce the uncomfortable factor because I have to stop and go as I treat and want quicker results. I could stay between level 3 and 4 and continue treating but I have to stop and take a break when I do.

Lasting Results:
When you see results it’s hard to stop! It seems too good to be true or like the nightmare I feared, the hairs will come back and with attitude. It’s hard to understand “permanent results” until you see and feel the experience. I don’t have to pick up my tweezers other than pluck around my eyebrows and I take maybe 8 minutes and then I’m done. I own 5 sets of tweezers and now feel silly I purchased them because I don’t need them. I just put on make-up and go and it’s hard to get used to it as before I had to pluck. I tried using Nair and Olay creams but they mostly just made my skin red and irritated while not removing all the hair. Plus, the results didn’t last. I expect 100% removal if a product states so and I am getting there with Tria.


My only Con:
My only negative is something that would not even stop me from purchasing the unit, it’s the size of the unit itself and the circumference of the area it treats at a time. The laser has a large head and I have a small hand so at times I get a little cramp from holding it….no biggie. Now, the area it can treat is great for doing small areas like the face, in between eyebrows, and even above the lip and it’s almost perfect for that. Having to do the legs and larger areas and you will be wishing the tip was larger but then again if it was you could not do the finer details. So it sits somewhere near the middle, which mostly works for me.


Tria 4X needs zero refills or lamps, no silly stuff to replace so you spend once and that is all. With a 90-day Money Back Guarantee, the product has a company that does stand by it. It’s FDA-cleared, so you can feel safe by using the unit and I have not experienced any skin damage, hyperpigmentation or even redness that lasts longer than 20 minutes. I have sensitive skin and I’m very fair so I was concerned with anything like marks or pigment changes but I have only experienced permanent hair removal. I explored many brands and knowing that I would need refills at close to $50 a pop made me shy in wanting to spend and spend. I looked at Spas, Groupon Deals, you name it and again you do not get a guarantee and there is that unknown of what the final cost will be. With Tria you know $449 is the price point and done. I will be looking at their Smoothstart Calming Gel and see if that helps in the areas I tend to be a little sensitive and see if it helps makes it more comfortable.

Battery Life and Life of the Unit Inquiry:
I did inquire about battery life and use and this is the direct reply I received from Tria via e-mail-

The TRIA Laser is designed to work for several years, until the lithium battery no longer holds a charge. The battery will last for more than 400 charging cycles—in other words, you can recharge it 400 times. Of course the TRIA Laser is only for hair removal, so it’s effective only if there is still hair to be removed.


You can find more information about Tria and all their products at:

Purchase only from authorized dealers like Sephora, Ulta, ect., or Tria directly, to make sure you get a real Tria product and to also make sure your purchase is warranty eligible. Tria provides a 1 year warranty with the Tria Laser 4X. Sephora currently has 2X (Double Points) promotion going for Beauty Insiders (free to join) until Monday 1/20. Another deal is also using the 20% off coupons at Ulta because last I checked, Tria was not excluded and I even called and inquired 🙂 . The deals can also be found directly from Tria from eGift cards to percentages off so keep your eyes open and you can find a perk to go with your purchase.

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