Tryazon: Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls, Microwave and ready in 60 Seconds #Review #Tryazon #RhodesBread


Oh, what a title can say in just a few words can illicit a person to salivate instantly. That is exactly what occurred when I received first notice that this event was up for grabs. When I was accepted, it was a mix of drooling and happiness at the same time.

Rhodes is known for their Bake-n-Serve breads. This company is one of the first brands that made me feel comfortable with an oven. Fresh baked breads are always a crowd pleaser but sometime the pleaser is short on time and/or energy. It does not mean I love my family any less and this is why sometimes I need an “emergency stash”. Yes, we have emergency situations when an unplanned event or even the clock got the best of me and I have no after dinner treat. When you are the baker in the family and you have to share you did not bake anything for that day……oh, those eyes you get can just break your heart. My Husband has yet mastered the oven but is an expert at grilling and smoking meats. He also mastered the art of using a microwave and failed in patience class, so 60 seconds of wait time was made for him.


Cinnamon rolls is something I make at home but it takes time, so I probably do not bake them as often as would liked. Also, there are days where someone is in a cinnamon-y mood while another person has a fruit craving. I make fruit based rolls too but I’m not making 2 batches to satisfy every craving, and don’t even get me started on who eats what type of a nut and the other person doesn’t. I need an out! A form of salvation for the sweet little monsters in my life!


Rhodes created the answer and a 60 second promise for a product that is often seen in stores cold, laying in a silver colored tray, and usually dry. Rhodes took everything everyone wants in a cinnamon roll, a warm gooey roll all your own and when you want it. Magic!

Now, I wish my microwave could deliver. I did experience some difficulties in locating the product and Rhodes does have a store locator, down to what product is offered in each store near you. The only obstacle was that the New Microwave rolls were not a product option you could select from the drop-down menu. I finally started hitting stores and located the rolls (one bag) 20 miles away and when I arrived at the Neighborhood Walmart Store, they had more items than what the product locator reflected. I called stores at the end to avoid wasting gas too and I highly suggest in doing so. Just kindly ask for the “freezer” department when calling and that you are looking for the Microwave Rhodes Cinnamon rolls. Not to be confused with the Ready to Bake Anytime cinnamon rolls. The new Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls come in a bag (not a tray) and the bag is brown-orange in color with a large 60 number on the front of the bag.


I found literally the last bag they had and always check the back of the freezer. I reached until I got a frozen paw but that bag had my name on it. I always see low stock on a product as a good sign. It’s popular and probably well liked, and that tends to make me want to try them. Each bag holds a count of 6 cinnamon rolls, so even though my weekend get-together had more people, we figured we share (it’s a new diet we are trying 😉 ). We had only one roll in the bag that had stuck to another but all the cinnamon were in a nice shape and intact. We played it safe and microwaved one roll at a time and I put toppings out, to even a separate type of frosting (cream cheese) with soft caramel swirls in case someone wanted a different topping versus the icing it came with. You can toast pecans and add that too, to even fruit that is fresh or from a jar. Customization is really easy to do. Everyone tasted the frosting and except for one person, they were the only one that opted to use the icing the rolls came with, so I was happy to have both options available. Once you microwave the product, the roll does increase in size a little bit about 25% larger, however the cinnamon roll is fair in size overall. Feedback was 50/50 when it came to how the product tasted and texture. The roll is soft and gooey, but for some it was a little to gummy while others felt the cinnamon roll begins to dry out (not harden thankfully) a little to quick for them as it cools down. The sweet factor was a little high for some and others felt the cinnamon was not strong enough, but agreed when I mentioned the idea of sprinkling a dash on top of the icing/frosting could fix that. My cream cheese based frosting was very liked and that seem to make up for what I consider to be small short comings for a roll that is ready to enjoy in 1 minute’s time. You may have to eat it a little faster if you worry about the dough drying out but I can share one thing that does have some value, everyone ate their serving!  So even those that did not consider this to be their favorite cinnamon roll did not feel it was not edible, it was just not like others they have had. I myself have had worse from bakeries but for a product with no time constraints and no mess other than the plate you are eating it from, I think Rhodes did as well as you can do with microwave dishes. Nothing will be as good as from the oven but this little cinnamon roll satisfied my sweet tooth!  I fought for my 1 bag of cinnamon rolls, so that meant I had 2 more coupons left when it came to trying Rhodes products and I picked out 2 different ones.  So, stay tuned because I will be reviewing and sharing those with you too.


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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Tryazon and Rhodes.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.




Tryazon: Beddit Sleep Monitor and Dearfoams Slipper Party #Review Part. Two


Continuing with the festivities, part of the party pack included a very generous share from Dearfoams. This is why I made this a two parts post! I have seen the slippers before but never owned a pair. Comfort was the theme as was better health, because if you sleep better – you feel better……why not lounge better too.


Like with flip-flops, I started to purchase slippers that are always too big for my foot and I tend to slip and slide in them. I get sort of tired of walking and because they lack support, I also hurt if I stand too long in one place. You know when you try a shoe on and the same floor you walk on feels different? These slippers do that! It’s the same tile and carpet but I did not feel the cold from the tile and my feet did not hurt, which tends to make any task you are doing so much easier. I tried the slippers out a week before my guests and I’m not kidding, I did not miss my slipper socks. I have a short foot where every sock’s heel is always that nub sticking out at the back of my foot. Sock heels are a suggestion when you have short feet! My Dearfoams had the heel portion where it belonged and I sort of now appreciate the thought of actually using heel support. Dearfoams also sent a pair designed for men and I just asked my Husband to step in them. If you don’t like them, it’s not like “icky lotion” and you can just take them off like nothing happened. He entertained me and two days later asked me where are these slippers sold……yup, wants to add more and likes that they do’t look like what he calls “old-man” slippers.


The designs change with Dearfoams with the seasons because they are a slipper company that sells quality products that are comfortable, and that means people who wear them desire different pairs. I get it! I thought slippers did not matter much and they were pretty much the same and especially when I hunt the clearance aisle after holidays. Yes, I find a cheap pair but again it’s not my size, not comfortable and does nothing for me other than cover my feet. I don’t even get warmth from them. The Dearfoams look cute and I will trade all my cheapies now for just one pair of these Dearfoams. No more will a cheap-o pair make it into my cart because I forgot that even slippers need to feel comfortable……that is sort of the point of owning them 🙂


Retail Price Point: Style defines price and I found some as low as $20 to as high as $36.  A slipper for every budget!  The Dearfoams site currently has a Buy-one-pair and get 50% on the second pair (use Code:Mom50). I did listen to my Husband and saw that Kohl’s, Target, to JcPenney to even Amazon carry them. Check out the store nearest you here.  Dearfoams even has flip-flops and I will be checking those out because no more excuses for causing myself “ouchie” feet.

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I served turkey burgers to keep the meal light and because some of our guests were arriving close enough to lunch time, so I did not want to serve a meal that was too heavy. I just combine fresh ground turkey, raw coarsely chopped spinach and a combination of crumbled feta and goat cheese. We grilled them outside to avoid a cooking mess and turkey burgers made with a combination of both the white and dark meat remain really moist. You can even make the patties the night before to avoid the hassle the next day and then they are ready to just grill. I used toppings such as thinly sliced cucumber, mixed baby greens, avocado slices and even sliced small cherry tomatoes to give the sandwich that fresh taste. I opted for a Kaiser roll to again add something new. The roll I slice, butter and lightly toast (on a pan) inside because I have forgotten bread on the grill before 🙂 They were very liked and it’s such and easy meal that it remains easy and away from the everyday foods people eat.

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I received the above product(s) free of charge from Dearfoams and Beddit (Tryazon).  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the product and/or brand, which may differ from yours.

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