Research Verified NO2 Booster Preworkout Supplement

So here’s the return of Hubby with a dietary supplement that, against his better judgement, he decided to try. So, take it away, Hubby:

Sometimes, you’re looking for a little edge in the gym. Sometimes, after a long day, you need a little extra pep. NO2 boosters are generally a good way to power through those last sets, and keep your form and those last few reps. But sometimes, all the hype and fancy packaging doesn’t help when a product fails to perform. Such is the case with this Research Verified NO2 Booster. There was quite literally no effect for me at all.


I take arginine supplements to help aid in a circulatory issue a have in my leg, and for a little extra bonus in the gym. After my old preworkout mix changed formulations, I’ve been looking for a new mix, and thought I’d found one missing a couple of ingredients in the old stack, so why not pick up a could of supplements to supplement the mix, right? But right from jump I got nothing from this pill. I thought at first to wait a couple of weeks and see if perhaps it was a case of expecting too much too soon. I added it to my regular preworkout stack, and after a couple of weeks, when I wasn’t feeling what I expected, I stopped them. No reason to tax my liver with some pills that don’t have any benefit. Maybe I’m used to a higher potency of arginine product, maybe I got a bad bottle, but whatever the case, I got no benefit whatsoever from this NO2 Booster.


In the end, I should have stuck to my guns about testing these type of supplements, because most of the time I’m disappointed. There’s only a couple of companies I truly trust, and from here on out it’s them or the highway. I’ve learned my lesson. No more testing and reviewing exercise supplements.


Okay, I won’t say “I told you so”, but I totally did. Proprietary mixes are the devil, and threre’s no way of knowing what you’re really getting unless you trust the company. We’ve really yet to find more than a handful of these companies that deliver on their promises, and we should really learn to stick with them religiously.

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