Swaggable: Runa Guayusa Teas in Cinnamon-Lemongrass

I have been a yerba mate user for many, many years and grew up drinking this wonderful tea. Yerba mate, is rich in antioxidants and nutritional benefits combined to help improve the immune system. Known to relieve allergies, detoxify your system, aid with digestion and acts as an appetite suppressant that may benefit in weight loss too. There is many other benefits as decreasing the risk of diabetes and hypoglycemia to even nourishing your heart by increasing nutrients and oxygen to the organ, which also aids in reductions of strokes. You name it and this tea helps! llex Guayusa is an improved version for me so I very much follow products that contain this labeling. It’s nothing new and this leaf has been consumed for many years but sometimes the “good stuff” takes time to trickle over here but better late than never!


I saw that Runa teas had the “Guayusa” tea written on the top of the package, so I was very happy to see that along with the teas being Fair Trade certified. Double Plus! You add USDA Organic certification and Kosher and this little packet tea has had one heck of a journey to reach my tea cup but very well worth it.

My first favor to try was the Cinnamon-Lemongrass packet. I prepared the tea as directed and I always love one thing about teas, they lift your mood before you even take the first sip. As the tea steeps, it fills the house with a nice calming aroma! I liked that the cinnamon could be detected but it did not smell like I stepped into one of those pine-cone cinnamon infused bags you smell every holiday season. There is such a thing as using too much of something good in my book. Runa teas, thankfully did not assault my senses or my taste buds. The cinnamon is warm and adds enough spice to waken up the lemongrass notes. It tastes nice and what I liked best was I recouped my energy but was not turned into an energizer bunny. It’s just a wave that hits you and gives you that “oomph” and desire to complete tasks……sort of like this review 🙂

Yerba mate can be over brewed creating bitter notes and pretty much ruining the tea but Guayusa tea leaves are impossible to over brew so they are foolproof. This means your tea cup is guaranteed to be successful every time and I have just become a new fan of Runa teas. A little trick I learned years ago is that the Guayusa leaves tend to yield more flavor, thus when I am brewing a cup of tea with a packet, I have a mason jar filled with hot water. Once my cup reaches the desired strength, I transfer the bag over to my large mason jar and allow it to steep for an hour. After that it goes in the fridge and before bed, I remove and dispose the tea bag. The next day, I can yield two nice cold glasses of tea that are rich in flavor. Enjoy!

I received the above products from Swaggable, free of charge.  I have no obligation is providing a favorable/positive review, just my honest opinion.  My review is based on my experience with the brand/product, which may differ from yours.


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