KOVOT 12-Piece Slicer &Dice Kitchen Gadget

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and prep is usually a huge part of that time. So I’m always on the lookout for tools that will cut down on prep time and make my “fancy” meals a lot less work than they need to be. And this KOVOT 12-piece Slice & Dice fits the bill nicely! I haven’t enjoyed a kitchen tool this much since my Ninja Prep Blender!


Whether you need to dice peppers, onions, or potatoes, or you need celery, carrots and onions for a mirepoix , this little Slice & Dice is just what the doctor ordered! No more little “escapees” from the cutting board to fall on the carpet. No more “onion eyes” and more mess to clean repeatedly. Because everything you slice, dice and chop goes right into the storage container right beneath the blades! And, I might add, the container has little non-skip, non-slip feet to keep it firmly anchored in place while you work. There’s an assortment of double sided blade inserts to fit any and all of your chopping needs, as well as a mandolin slicer for my pear tart I plan to make this holiday season. There’s a grater for the variety of cheeses I put in my homemade mac and cheese, a peeler for the apple and raisin bread pudding, there’s really a tool for every course and meal! At $18.99, you get a lot of kitchen tools for one low price, and they all store away in the included container when you’re finished. With the holidays in full swing, and much eating and entertaining to be done, I just couldn’t imagine getting everything done as easily as I did with the KOVOT 12-Piece Slice & Dice.

I would recommend hand washing everything, or limiting things to the top rack of the dishwasher if necessary. It’s really the best way to keep corrosion and rust on the blades to a minimum. I would also be careful how much force is used when you have harder root vegetables, as some of the blades seemed like they could be bent if I applied too much force.


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