Beautiful Scarves Black Gray and White Winter Scarf with Gift Box

You want to talk about timely? How about this gorgeous “Beautiful Scarves” Winter Scarf they sent me to try? Winter has arrived in Southern California, and it’s wet, windy and cold for a change. And there’s few better ways to beat the cold than a toasty, soft scarf. And Beautiful Scarves sent me one that is just to die for, and it’s so unbelievably soft I find myself wearing it around the house.


This cotton/acrylic blend scarf is not only soft, not only beautiful, it’s functional. Not like those loops of fabric that pass themselves off as a scarf, because I find them functionally useless, a fashion accessory above all else. Not this one. Drape it, wrap it, pull it over you nose to keep warm, it does the job a scarf was meant to do, keep you warm. It’s not so bulky that you find it unsettling your clothes or have to take it off all the time, and not so thin as to not keep your chest neck or nose warm. The color goes with just about anything, and the tassels on the end are reminiscent of your favorite blanket at home. It’s also unisex, so don’t be surprised if your significant other snatches it away and wears it themselves. At about 64 inches long, it’s sufficient to bundle yourself up snugly too. It was delivered in a sturdy white gift box that will double as a storage box for me when the usual hot and nasty weather returns to California. But for now, I’m reveling in this oh-so-soft and lovely Beautiful Scarves Winter Scarf. At just $12.99 delivered you should probably pick up two so there’s no fighting over who look the snazziest or feels the warmest this winter!


I like this scarf. No, actually I love this scarf. I think you will too!



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