TAN’s Tungsten Carbide 6mm Women’s Ring

Hubby has sung the praises of his tungsten carbide wedding band for years and years now. He to this day says it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given him, and it still shines like the day I got it for him. He’s rough on his ring, and once wore a silver one until it looked like it’d been run over by a freight train. But this one takes everything he dishes out and asks for seconds. So when the chance to get one of my own popped up, I was thrilled.


I have a couple of rings, one very nice one Hubby proposed with, and a second one he bought a few years later that is more understated and reflected my changing tastes. But to this day I’d never had just a simple band, and I was very much looking forward to it. I say that in the past tense because, for me, this one missed the mark for it’s intended purpose. I was asked what size ring I wear (Size 6), and I submitted that to them, but when it came time to purchase, the smallest size was a 7. And it’s not like you can size tungsten carbide either. So I still don’t have my simple tungsten wedding band, but I do have a nice ring that is polished to a brilliant shine and hasn’t gotten a single ding or scratch in the days I’ve worn it, and for me that’s a real accomplishment. It’s heavy, and comfort fit so getting it off and on is a breeze. It’s also completely hypoallergenic, and won’t discolor your skin like some silver and costume jewelry will. It even came in a pretty little box and slip sleeve, although the ring was too thick for the ring holder to “grab” properly in the box.


Overall, I highly recommend TAN’S tungsten carbide wedding band if you’re looking for a “beater” ring that won’t ever look beaten. I’m still on the hunt, personally, but for those of you who wear a 7 and above, this ring is real keeper.


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